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Friday, May 23, 2008

this is 75 things Esquire thinks a man should be able to do: The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master.

it is advised that a man be able to cook meat other than on a grill (grill is personally more important to me b/c i dont enjoy being near them), not monopolize the conversation (that should be on there twice), and  write a letter. Additionally, they thought being able to write a thank you note required a separate listing. my favorite? "give a woman an orgasm so that he doesn't have to ask after it". 

i dont know if i care if someone who is courting me can do all of the things listed. further, i think some of them are abilities that women should possess as well. which do you like or dislike? 

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I like:
27. Play gin with an old guy- I want a guy who is respectful to older ones and he should realize that he can learn from his elders even if that is done over a game a of gin.
# 35 Be able to jump start a car without any
I do agree with you that women should be able to do many if not all of the things listed, especially #35 but umm I'm going to allow a little drama for the
Product Junkie Diva

Don said...

i skimmed the list. it was a funny list. lol. things like ties, take a picture, etc. ehhhh, i don't think those things are that important.

personally i feel that as long as the man and woman work. are clean and decent people. believe in a higher power. honest with one another. able to give and receive love - things will work themselves out.

hey sweet ashley, i love the comment you left on my blog about 2/14/09...