session 1: intake

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
today is what i consider the official start of my graduate practicum/internship. let me tell you a little bit of what my schedule is like. yesterday, i met with my supervisor to discuss my client. this 1.5-hour session is mandatory weekly. this is in addition to mandatory weekly 1-hour sessions with my off-campus site supervisor. im expected to work (unpaid) 20-25 hours per week at this site. on-campus, i will work 4 hours a week. this week, im lucky *sarcasm face* to be charged with administrative duties so i get to log about 2 indirect hours from that. i call today the official start because im getting the highly elusive and coveted DIRECT hours. these direct hours are extra awesome because it's an intake session. so instead of the regular 50 min sessions, intake is 90 minutes! that was a brief, and maybe confusing look at what my week looks like. dont forget to factor in the 3- 2 hr classes i'm enrolled in.

i'm actually pretty thrilled that i'm one of the only people who actually already has a client. as a worrier, if i were sitting around all semester without being assigned a client yet, i'd be scared i would not accrue my required hours and all the things that come along with that sucky situation. so since im starting to get my indirect AND direct hours, i shouldnt really complain, right? um, we'll see after i find out how this first week goes.

2 thought(s):

T said...

How do they pick your clients? Is there a certified counselor in the room with you? Is it like hair stylist trainig where your clients get half off the service? If so, is that safe? Like if someone is suicidal, are they getting half the help since you're in training?

I think this is so interesting. I know counselors have to train, but I never thought about it. I wonder if I can get some 1/2 off counseling. LMAO!

antithesis said...

good questions. i'll answer in a post that will appear next week.