Tuesday, May 24, 2011
yup i'm done. i didn't want to do a mellow dramatic post about shutting down the blog and blah blah blah but here i am. it's been like 4 years. im ready to move on. this blog started out as just my thoughts on anything no one actually asked my opinion on. ive seen it evolve into something else, something i am not happy with but am not sure how to change. i've also seen some awesome connections made as a result of having it. i want to thank all my readers for their constructive input. im glad for the love ive received from my readers, especially the ones i have been able to call "friend" (you know i dont like throwing that word around).

it's been a slightly neurotic rollercoaster but it doesn't end. you can still keep up w/ me (superficially) on my other blog and im on twitter. i'm available via email: invrtdreflection [at] gmail [dot] com. and some of you have my # and gchat. so yea, this vein is blocked but there are arteries and capillaries you can use to reach me. what the hell kind of magic school bus metaphor...? i need sleep. peace!

since you havent seen me in a while...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

why should I protect the innocent?