oh, shamrock shakes, my favorite season approaches!

Monday, February 28, 2011
i LOVE Spring. i cannot stand being cold. i like wearing dresses and bright, fun makeup. i welcome flowers blooming and bees buzzing with open arms. ok, ya'll can keep the bees but it just flowed with the sentence, i thought.

sure signs of Spring:

- shamrock shakes return to McDonald's
- the sun seems to shine i little bit brighter in the morning
- 50 degrees or better becomes less few and far between
- white people wear shorts/short-sleeves (w/ their anxious asses)

what are some more signs of Spring? anyone as excited as i am for warmer (but not too damn warm) weather?

i freakin dare ya!

Sunday, February 20, 2011
i dare myself to be single. im always single. you know this. but i mean really and truely, madly, deeply single. i first thought to challenge myself when T pointed out that she hasnt known me to ever not have ANYONE at all. some sort of boo thing, sex partner situation is forever going on with me. so, since niggas wanna be allergic to the term boyfriend anyway, i might as well use this time to be completely into me. no more looking. i dont know if ive ever really been looking but i know that if someone approaches me, i look to find out if we can work out. no more of that. ive been wanting a boyfriend for a while now but it just doesnt seem to be in the cards for me. it's time to figure out how to enjoy this whole single situation. i wanna be friends with it.


black jennifer aniston

"i dont get it"

Thursday, February 17, 2011
well that's the damn point. my best friend, my brother, my sister, and im sure some others have voiced that they dont get my facebook statuses. uh...so? sometimes i want to get some stuff out and i might not wanna dedicated a blog to it. my statuses could be the equivalent of a subtweet in some instances but mostly i like to think of them as akin to horoscopes. they are generic enough to fit a variety of situations/contexts. i find it amusing when people "like" my random statuses. it's even more hilarious when the status is about them (very rare but it does not lose it's comedy). the real reason my statuses are so cryptic (but not really even) is because i have family and such as friends on facebook. i have people im not close to but would be uncomfortable unfriending. most people can relate to just not wanting certain people to know certain things about you. plus, while i get more "likes", i get fewer obnoxious comments from people who never know what their talking about but always have something to add to the "discussion". finally, my moods waver so much that if i posted a status saying i'm pissed at someone, within 20 minutes i'd be loving them again and wishing i hadnt posted such a hateful status.

but im saying, how many statuses have you seen that you wish you DIDNT get? TMfuckingI. people should thank me instead of complaining. get all the ratchet overshares from here and my twitter account. facebook is a safe haven for people in my life under 18 and over 45.

decisions, decisions

today marks day 45 in my bible-in-a-year journey. im thinking ahead because Ash Wednesday and Lent will be here before i know it. wondering what i should give up for those 40 days. i think a real toughy would be bread but giving that up would be a significant change in my eating. significant so much that an easy 80% of what i eat would be off limits. no cereal, danishes, sandwiches, crackers...i survive on bread/starches. i also know it's possible for me to give it up b/c i did the south beach diet in undergrad phase 1 for longer than the recommended duration.

i know i want to cut back on eating so much bread anyway and i want to make better food choices so this will be a good start. im also open to other ideas of something to sacrifice. i'm not sure why i do this since i dont even really go to church but i pretty much give up something every year. what are you thinking of doing? do you give up anything for Lent?

i know i'm fully aware

Sunday, February 13, 2011
happy valentines day!


the black version of this chick-

can you guess how this day will be spent? aside from ALONE, i'll be at the bar at cheesecake factory after work enjoying a big ass margarita. im going to eat something as a meal, idk what. and of course, im getting cheesecake. dont be stupid.

tons of love! thanks for reading.

most out of all aint bad

i mentioned a few posts back that i got a job. about the place i work: voluntary shelter for teens, residential setting, group, family and individual counseling, life skills training.

i got ____ out of ____ things i was looking for in a job. dont know how many items i wanted and at the end of this post im not going back to fill in the blanks b/c this is my blog and i do what i want.

full-time? check! a

benefits? check! a

vacation? check! a

reasonable distance from home? check! a

safe area? check! a

free parking? check! a

fringe benefits? chipotle and other popular establishments on a regular basis equals SUPER CHECK! aaaa

hours count toward counseling license? check! a

free supervision for license? check! a

serving the population I want to work with? check! a

supervisor I can get along with? check! a

normal 9-5 work day? most days x

pay matching education and experience? not quite x

pay matching duties and responsibilities? naw, not really x

DIN update

Saturday, February 12, 2011
I'm at the Bartending class from groupon. Learning little interesting tidbits and finding out new drinks to try. Some stuff I already know but it's still worth it especially since I used free credits to do it. If this opportunity comes about for you, I recommend it.

super quick post: WIF

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
it seems we lose the game before we even start to play- lauryn hill, "everything is everything"


the black jennifer aniston

*WIF = what im feeling

DIN: Auto Show

Thursday, February 3, 2011
here's some photographic evidence of me doing it now:

i used my groupon for the washington auto show and country que came with!


over there

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
another giveaway going on over on my other blog. just so ya know.

happy groundhog day!