most out of all aint bad

Sunday, February 13, 2011
i mentioned a few posts back that i got a job. about the place i work: voluntary shelter for teens, residential setting, group, family and individual counseling, life skills training.

i got ____ out of ____ things i was looking for in a job. dont know how many items i wanted and at the end of this post im not going back to fill in the blanks b/c this is my blog and i do what i want.

full-time? check! a

benefits? check! a

vacation? check! a

reasonable distance from home? check! a

safe area? check! a

free parking? check! a

fringe benefits? chipotle and other popular establishments on a regular basis equals SUPER CHECK! aaaa

hours count toward counseling license? check! a

free supervision for license? check! a

serving the population I want to work with? check! a

supervisor I can get along with? check! a

normal 9-5 work day? most days x

pay matching education and experience? not quite x

pay matching duties and responsibilities? naw, not really x

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