*bonus post* get mad

Friday, August 29, 2008
McCain went and tried to pick a woman for VP. i dont know. i'm not swayed but i can think of some people who may be. those PUMA people. and clearly they are NOT about party unity. what he might shoulda did was pick a black woman. then again, that might piss off PUMA people because i'm like 75% sure they only hate Obama because he is bi-racial and one of those races is african-american. 

i'm a little confused because he and his supporters wanna pick on my man Barack for being young and inextricably inexperienced. however, i'm not sure how old this woman Palin is but she has only been in office for 2 years. prior to then she was a sports reporter. if his 72- year-old ass dies in office, this no-name chick is next in line. i dont know what creditials she holds that make her an apt candidate for running a nation... i mean and she is responsible for Alaska. what comes from them except eskimos and snow crabs. i think they might have oil, but that's about it... this has been another rant brought by Antithesis. today's product review is below. 

hard as wraps

today, i am reviewing sally hansen's hard as wraps nail polish. this polish contains acrylic gel and nylon with promises of turning brittle nails into strong, fresh-out-of-the-salon nails. uh...not so much. for me, it was just like any other polish. i got "tint" (clear) because im tired of changing my polish with my mood since remover is SO damaging. my nails grow at a good enough rate for me, but they break VERY easily. they are more flexible than i feel like they should be. it didnt help that i got acrylic nails for graduation a few months ago. they still havent fully recovered from that torture (the worst ever in the history of my few times getting nails put on). the product also claimed to last longer on nails than regular polish. again, not true. it began chipping and peeling off the second day.

have you found an effective nail hardener for your nails? or do you just break down and let the asians take care of your manicure needs?
oh yea, 8 IS enough...

more than your allotment

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i was reminded of why i hate riding the bus. i havent really needed to for 2 years now and now that im reliant on public transportation to get me to work/school, i remember why it sucked so bad back in high school. im not the smallest person in the world so i make full use of my allotted square on my seat on the bus. i CANNOT STAND when a person who knows they take up more than that alottment *PLOPS* down next to me. why could you have not chosen to ride in tandem with the 90 lb teen-aged girl a few seats away? simple math says that is she uses about a little more than half the square and you require roughly a square and a half, you both would be more comfortable. what sense does it make to overlap your wide hips w/ mine? all that elbow in my rib cage is not appreciated nor welcomed. i should be allowed to charge your ASS rent! this has been a rant brought to you by Antithesis....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008
...i am so over this dressing up for work sh*t. 

orange is the new green

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

T recently made a post on opening an Orange Savings Account with ING Direct. this bank also offers investment accounts through it's ShareBuilder program. i opened one this weekend. owning stock has been on my mind since junior year of high school. i never had a real job (still don't) so it was not a viable option. it's a bit more plausible now since i have a little bit of reliable income. so monthly i will be investing in Honda. when i get 100 shares of that (at the rate i'm going, the year 3000), i'll probably sell and get stock in an even more lucrative company.

 i'm still learning all about investing and saving so this will be an interesting journey. whenever i get money, i feel overwhelmingly compelled to spend it. looking back over my earnings, i often have very little to show for the money i've spent. this is my first step toward financial independence. yay me!!!!! 

Biden is Obama's running mate

Monday, August 25, 2008

babies and bottles

Thursday, August 21, 2008

so some well-known college and university presidents are advocating for a lower drinking age. shout out to Morehouse being considered a big name school by CNN. so what if it's probably due to the fact that the last graduating class at this historically black institution had a white valedictorian. 

these people think it will be better if 18-year-olds were allowed to legally purchase libations. MADD accuses them of shirking their responsibilities and looking for an easy way out (i agree). it's just a big ass coincidence that 18 is also the age of most traditional freshman college students. MADD and I feel like it's a poor solution to a continuing violation of a rule that apparently administrators are tired of failing to enforce. the presidents argue that if the students were legally able to drink, they would not binge and get themselves into other trouble because of the "excitement"... or some crap. i'm trying to paraphrase their lame justification but i guess it has to first make sense to me for me to do that. 

obviously, many people drink before they are of legal age of consumption. i will admit to being one of those people. but imagine if the stuff was just readily available? no getting older friends to make purchases. no going through the process of getting an authentic-looking fake ID. just completely hassel-free? that's unacceptable. i can recall my maturity level at 18, and while i'm more mature than most, i was certainly not all there. and yes, i know that there was a time when 18 was the legal drinking age. that changed for a reason. let's not repeat history. plus, that was a bit of a different time. not nearly as many cars are on the road and so many other factors were probably not present. 

would it be better or worse if 18-year-olds were legally able to purchase alcoholic beverages?

why real life sucks

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
it's not college anymore and that is the pits. here's why. 

  1. i dont get to wear jeans/sweats on a regular basis anymore. that's not business casual attire
  2. the highlight of my day is scheduling tv shows to catch before i fall asleep after working all day
  3. the money i make is to take care of transportation, lunch, to save for a house and to pay back grad school loans 
  4. i'm older and i'm smart so my choices in men are significantly fewer now due to my standards alone
  5. i have actual responsibilities and expectations at a "real" job
  6. i'm losing interest in old friends and have little interest in making new ones because i know how people are and i don't really like people that much
  7. life costs alot of money; money i dont have

fallin' for fashion

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i've never been a fashionista. not a stylish chick in any way. i had a lot of free time this past school year and i found myself randomly purchasing fashion mags on a pretty regular basis. i'm not big on subscriptions but if i like the cover, i've been drawn into making repeat purchases. some of my faves are vogue, harper's bazaar, InStyle and glamour. the thicker, the better so im known to have everyone's fall and spring issues because they are usually the thickest. they do summer and winter as well but i dont care what i wear in the summer as long as im cool or the winter as long as i'm warm. plus i just carry my stuff from spring into summer and fall into winter. anyway, i just got the september issue of ELLE with supposedly over 600 looks. big this fall will be country-, victorian-, goth-ish-, and masculine-inspired looks. which are you daring/excited to try? which should stay strictly on the runway? 

image from www.girlawhirl.com

things i've learned from "Heroes"

Monday, August 18, 2008

*spoiler alert* so i know you have seen the trailer for the new season of "Heroes". i saw it for the first time at the movie theater. it's a good teaser because i was sitting there thinking, this season is gonna be TIGHT. small problem, i had seen one full episode of the series. i was two seasons behind and everything builds on itself. thanks to a fully charged macbook and internet sites im privy to, i've been able to catch up. i know it's science fiction but for some of this stuff, i'm just like "oh, come on!" don't get me wrong, i love the show, but the storyline really makes me laugh sometimes. here's what i have learned from watching "Heroes":
  • if you get stabbed with a samurai sword, 8 surgeries will have you good as new in about 6 months
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) is a super power. 
  • you can perform blood transfusions with no regard to blood type whenever you want someone's antibodies to cure a virus. 
also i have inferred the following:
  1. hayden's character, claire bennett, would be a virgin always. her hymen would never stay broken because her "power" is healing and regeneration
  2. you can only have powers if both of your parents have powers
  3. if you get out of hand with using your powers, there is theoretically only one other person who can stop you, i.e alejandro and maya, peter and sylar, matt and his dad
do you watch "Heroes"? will you watch the new season this fall? if you don't watch, why not? what would you like your super power to be?
catch the 2-hour season premiere Monday, Sept. 22 @ 9 p.m

the eyes have it

Friday, August 15, 2008

i recently ordered new contacts and im so excited. i like variety in my look. i have a lot of i dont care days but on days i attempt to be presentable, i like versatility. i love my glasses but sometimes i want a different look. there are some people who actually like the way i look better without them. then there are those who like me better with them (i agree most with these people). do you wear corrective lenswear? what are your thoughts on colored contacts? tacky? i think so...

lauryn hill- "when it hurts so bad"

Thursday, August 14, 2008
When It Hurts So Bad - Lauren Hill
what you want might make you cry
what you need might pass you by
if you don't catch it,
and what you need, ironically,
will turn out what you want to be
if you just let it

what chapter are you on?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
internet videos have that little ball or whatever that goes along telling you what point the video is at. when you are completing an application or survey or something only, there's usually that little reminder letting you know your progress. how far have you progressed in achieving what you set out to do in life?

do you just take things as they come and not really try too hard with anything?
do you have a checklist? school, check. career, check. family, check. 
or is it in no particular order and you work to maintain everything at once?

i think i'm the latter or a combination of the second two. im still working on school and i do things like temporary jobs and internships which will provide the basis of my career. i haven't made much headway in the family dept. but i can say that i have enough failed relationships to know what i DONT want. i just dont know where i am or how much progress i've made. there are days when i think i've accomplished a whole lot and then others where i feel like i have just so damn far to go. 

are you where you want to be? what's "missing"?

spanish guitar- toni braxton

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bella!!!! (2)

Thursday, August 7, 2008
i got the black issue of italian vogue! thanks, blu jewel!

bag lady- erykah badu

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

foto favs

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
150th post!!!!!!!!!
these are just a few of my favorite celeb photos from around the web. 


Monday, August 4, 2008
undo. ctrl+alt+delete. escape. ABORT!
why don't you have any of these keyboard functions in real life? i would erase that extra drink. i would un-get that extra-extra drink. lord knows i should not have had the extra-extra-extra drink. most of all, regardless of number of drinks, i certainly should not have done any of THAT. yes, it was after normal business hours. sure, this job ends in less than a week. but i'm sure that will be a long, awkward 3 days because of my irresponsible actions. i think most parties have intentions of not making it awkward but you just never know. it could be inadvertant which makes me wish i knew what others were thinking for sure. i am not the only guilty party but i am MOST guilty. how very inappropriate were my actions! not to mention i just feel really dumb. damn...

"no compass comes with this life; just eyes."-jay-z, beach chair

don't sweat it

Friday, August 1, 2008
i have a problem with excessive sweating. i have tried the clinical versions of secret and degree deodorants as well as mitchum and certain dri. all to no avail. the good news is though i sweat profusely, i dont smell. the stronger deodorants also irritate me because i have sensitive skin. i have discovered a GREAT alternative. it doesn't eliminate sweating completely but it comes pretty damn close. what is this magical product? it's Clinique antiperspirant!

it's available in department stores like macy's and nordstrom or wherever there is a Clinique counter. what's also awesome about it is it's just $8. if you suffer from a similar problem you know that you can easily pay $8 or $9 for the aforementioned drugstore brands unless you have a coupon. the sales lady asked "how many?" when i went to make my purchase and now i regret saying "just one". but what if it didn't work? oh well, next time i know to stock up.

i know it seems counter-intuitive to apply something wet to an area you don't want to be wet. however, give this stuff a second to dry (it wont cut into your morning routine at all) and you are all set! the great thing about it is it prevents excessive wetness and there is not itching, burning or giving out after a couple hours. i dont mind that its unscented. and when i say unscented, i mean it. not that clinical smell the other store brands have that claim to be unscented. no more competing with my perfume or body mist!