hard as wraps

Friday, August 29, 2008

today, i am reviewing sally hansen's hard as wraps nail polish. this polish contains acrylic gel and nylon with promises of turning brittle nails into strong, fresh-out-of-the-salon nails. uh...not so much. for me, it was just like any other polish. i got "tint" (clear) because im tired of changing my polish with my mood since remover is SO damaging. my nails grow at a good enough rate for me, but they break VERY easily. they are more flexible than i feel like they should be. it didnt help that i got acrylic nails for graduation a few months ago. they still havent fully recovered from that torture (the worst ever in the history of my few times getting nails put on). the product also claimed to last longer on nails than regular polish. again, not true. it began chipping and peeling off the second day.

have you found an effective nail hardener for your nails? or do you just break down and let the asians take care of your manicure needs?
oh yea, 8 IS enough...

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I was looking at all of the advertisements for this product and I probably would have purchased it but not now...thanks.
What is up with the Sally Hansen product that fail to deliver..gee whiz. THere was a hardner by Loreal called grow strong or something like that and it was pretty good. Nothing was exceptional though. I need to find the Essie or OPI hardner to see if those are better. If I find something I will let you know.
have a great weekend.