why real life sucks

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
it's not college anymore and that is the pits. here's why. 

  1. i dont get to wear jeans/sweats on a regular basis anymore. that's not business casual attire
  2. the highlight of my day is scheduling tv shows to catch before i fall asleep after working all day
  3. the money i make is to take care of transportation, lunch, to save for a house and to pay back grad school loans 
  4. i'm older and i'm smart so my choices in men are significantly fewer now due to my standards alone
  5. i have actual responsibilities and expectations at a "real" job
  6. i'm losing interest in old friends and have little interest in making new ones because i know how people are and i don't really like people that much
  7. life costs alot of money; money i dont have

7 thought(s):

Don said...

number six - the undivided truth, and nothing but the truth. number seven is something that you should never worry about. you will get money, i'm sure of that.

antithesis said...

yay! a comment from don! i've been missing you!

Product Junkie Diva said...

#2 can be so true and for #4 that is how it goes, but you will be happy that your standards have ruled out certain people. No need to waste any time.

T said...

1. Girl, get a job in marketing. We were jeans EVERY DAY! It's pretty great.

3. It's really depressing isn't it. All that school for these pennies.


7. Same response as three.

It's ok. It gets better when the money comes and the money will come. :)

Don said...

Thanks, ashley. I took another little break from blogging to tend to some stuff that I had been putting off. You really missed me? I'm honored.

*warm hug*

Fitness Goddess said...

i feel ya lady; the real word sucks...that's why i'm taking the graduate school route..:-P

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