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Friday, August 29, 2008
McCain went and tried to pick a woman for VP. i dont know. i'm not swayed but i can think of some people who may be. those PUMA people. and clearly they are NOT about party unity. what he might shoulda did was pick a black woman. then again, that might piss off PUMA people because i'm like 75% sure they only hate Obama because he is bi-racial and one of those races is african-american. 

i'm a little confused because he and his supporters wanna pick on my man Barack for being young and inextricably inexperienced. however, i'm not sure how old this woman Palin is but she has only been in office for 2 years. prior to then she was a sports reporter. if his 72- year-old ass dies in office, this no-name chick is next in line. i dont know what creditials she holds that make her an apt candidate for running a nation... i mean and she is responsible for Alaska. what comes from them except eskimos and snow crabs. i think they might have oil, but that's about it... this has been another rant brought by Antithesis. today's product review is below. 

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Don said...

Good rant, cause we think alike when it comes to Palin. I don't know anything about her and neither does McCain. He played the game raw with her selection. As you stated, if he dies, there is no way possible that she's capable of running the country.

I think he contradicts himself with her selection.