What do you think about...

Saturday, April 30, 2011
"other" people getting "famous" for getting on Youtube and reciting songs by black artists? Is that really a talent? I know songs, too. First, it was Danny and now it's this Karmin chick. Yes, being able to rap as fast as Busta or Twista is a difficult feat but...*shrug* not impossible. I guess it's the same as other folks being part of cover bands. Again, that's something I don't get but at least they were an option for everyday folks who wanted a live performace but couldnt afford the artist. With these Youtube characters, they get on stage WITH the big name performers. Eh. Idk...shit's kinda weird. What do you think?

extreme stupidity

so this show, which i like to think of as neat hoarders, is showing me a new kind of crazy. i love a bargain as much as the next chick however Extreme Couponing is the height of too muchery. you dont have kids but you have a stockpile of cheap diapers. even if a baby showed up in your house tomorrow, they wouldnt even be in that diaper size long enough to make a dent. IT IS NOT A DEAL IF YOU DO NOT NEED OR WANT IT! my mother taught me long ago that if it's a coupon for something you dont normally buy, that's not really a deal. yes, it's fine if you want to try something new but i something that you are very unlikely to consume is a WASTE. you can save more than that $1 off by not purchasing that stupid item at all.

as for household staples like mustard and crap, yea i wanna save on that but not ive i gotta keep 20 bottles at one damn time...my thing is if it isnt something my family runs through like toilet paper, there is no need to hoard large quantities. yes, it is super cool when they get thousands of dollars worth of items for about $20. however, most stores place limits on the number of something you can buy and/or the number of coupons you can use on one thing.

i guess someone could say i'm a hoarder for the sheer amount of makeup/beauty products (most at full-price) i could not possibly use all of. my thing is, they are actual items i use, i win giveaways so a good portion was free, and i could always sanitize and use on others.

Highlights: April 2011

  • lost 6 lbs!!!- success due to Lent and #10lbchallenge
  • tax refund- paid off my CC bill and paid my sister for my part of the cruise this Sept.
  • won a couple of giveaways- I won a statement necklace and MAC candy yum yum lipstick (which i couldn't find ANYWHERE)
  • went to the melting pot for the first time- dessert was yummy but only worth it in the group we were in
How was your April? Worried that you missed something going on with me? Don't fret; there is nothing more than this highlights post to report. I'm on super chill mode as far as talking to dudes. I've cut everyone fully off and NO BACKTRACKING. I'm actually completely single and I don't much mind it. Weird.

that was fun while it lasted

Sunday, April 17, 2011
i'm over the whole relaxer thing. i've decided to go back to being natural. im not done with the creamy crack for good. the plan is to go completely chemical-free and then return to texturizers. that's what i was getting in the beginning. in a fit of laziness i told my stylist at the time to go ahead and relax it bone straight during one visit. BIG mistake. i hate it. so im going to let what's left of my relaxer grow out which is easier now that ive cut it. my friend is on her solange b/c she cut it ALL OFF! i need a few inches before i do something like that. no chrisette michelle for me. it would be nice to simply wash and go sooner than later but imma try to deal.

no, it really is me

Monday, April 11, 2011
people get on twitter and say "if u think men aint shit, take a look at yourself". normally, i'd ignore that but it's getting harder and harder to do so. at one point, i was convinced that all the good ones are taken. not the case. every day, i hop on fb to see that so and so got engaged. granted, the guy was technically taken but some folks don't view it as such until there's a ring involved. all im saying is there still are a few good ones out there. maybe theyre commited to someone else but they do, in fact, exist. otherwise, these new engagements would not be occuring so frequently. i still highly doubt there is a good guy FOR ME but generally, good guys are available. i mean, these chicks are finding them. those still on the search, good luck.

get in your box!

Sunday, April 3, 2011
i like to compartmentalize. or at least i thought i did but what im doing speaks to the contrary. my buddy from work is now my real life buddy. i wouldnt go so far as to say we're friends but how much longer can i keep her in the work box if we go to happy hour and grab pedis before work? she's my friend on twitter. have you noticed how much less ratchet i am? she's also my friend on facebook as of today. im doing a lot. maybe it's in part b/c i dont take my job all that seriously. it's really just a job to me. a stepping stone. it's no secret: they know it and i know it. so yea, she's my bff at work and apparently she's cool people in my real life. i think this is a good thing. might be one of the only things making this bareable. she bet' not leave before im done serving my time.