that was fun while it lasted

Sunday, April 17, 2011
i'm over the whole relaxer thing. i've decided to go back to being natural. im not done with the creamy crack for good. the plan is to go completely chemical-free and then return to texturizers. that's what i was getting in the beginning. in a fit of laziness i told my stylist at the time to go ahead and relax it bone straight during one visit. BIG mistake. i hate it. so im going to let what's left of my relaxer grow out which is easier now that ive cut it. my friend is on her solange b/c she cut it ALL OFF! i need a few inches before i do something like that. no chrisette michelle for me. it would be nice to simply wash and go sooner than later but imma try to deal.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Cool-I really like that cut that Chrisette did not too long ago, it looked great on her. I think i would transition by growing it out and cutting it off a little at a time, I doubt a super big chop would be for me.
Anyway have fun with your new do!