extreme stupidity

Saturday, April 30, 2011
so this show, which i like to think of as neat hoarders, is showing me a new kind of crazy. i love a bargain as much as the next chick however Extreme Couponing is the height of too muchery. you dont have kids but you have a stockpile of cheap diapers. even if a baby showed up in your house tomorrow, they wouldnt even be in that diaper size long enough to make a dent. IT IS NOT A DEAL IF YOU DO NOT NEED OR WANT IT! my mother taught me long ago that if it's a coupon for something you dont normally buy, that's not really a deal. yes, it's fine if you want to try something new but i something that you are very unlikely to consume is a WASTE. you can save more than that $1 off by not purchasing that stupid item at all.

as for household staples like mustard and crap, yea i wanna save on that but not ive i gotta keep 20 bottles at one damn time...my thing is if it isnt something my family runs through like toilet paper, there is no need to hoard large quantities. yes, it is super cool when they get thousands of dollars worth of items for about $20. however, most stores place limits on the number of something you can buy and/or the number of coupons you can use on one thing.

i guess someone could say i'm a hoarder for the sheer amount of makeup/beauty products (most at full-price) i could not possibly use all of. my thing is, they are actual items i use, i win giveaways so a good portion was free, and i could always sanitize and use on others.

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T said...

Those people are nuts. That is all.