i hate protein week

Monday, July 27, 2009
*bonus hair post*

too much protein is bad and too much moisture is bad for your hair. i created a nice balance when i was washing 1x a week. week one was heavy protein w/ aphogee 2-step protein treatment. week two: moisture w/ neutrogena triple moisture mask. week three, i went back to aphogee but this time the 2-minute reconstructor. the final week would be just regular wash and conditioning with pantene beautiful lengths shampoo and conditioner.

there is a huge difference in my flat ironing results when it's a protein week vs. moisture week. ive since changed my routine to 1 wash every two weeks. washing every week was a bit much for my chemically treated hair that was already prone to dryness. this week, 5 weeks post-relaxer, im loving how my chi is gliding through my hair making it smooth and shiny. on protein week, it still glides but theres little shine and the ends are poofy. i always have to follow up with the curling iron (too much heat, i know) if i need to go somewhere and look decent.

i know protein is necessary to balance the moisture, or else my hair become really limp, will stretch and then pop! the two-step treatment come with the balancing moisturizer but im not thinking that's enough. i let the 2min treatment stand alone. maybe i should do something differently. thoughts?

briefly 2

Monday, July 13, 2009
i cant stay away can i? im off of work today and they way one of my courses is, class is not being held today. we dont have any monday classes but we have reading and stuff to do online. ANYWAY, i want to tell you about a small family gathering i attended yesterday. my uncle is in town from kansas and my grandmother held a cookout for him saturday that i didnt attend because i had a prior engagement. my aunt cooked dinner for him and his wife and son yesterday so i went to see them then. a couple funny things happened and i thought i'd share in case you were having a case of the mondays. plus, it's my excuse not to start my day right away. 

1. during dinner, my phone rings inside my wristlet across the room. my mother asks,"who is that? [males name]?" i'm thinking how do i know but my uncle (the one whose house it is) says, "telePHONE not teleVISION". and then asks me if i know where he got that. turns out he got it from my grandma. she was working as a nurse and someone called the hospital threatening to "blow it up". when she called the police, they asked her if the man was white or black and that's what she told them. now with caller id, i cant say that to anyone but i thought it was funny. also, my mom needs to MIND HER BUSINESS. 

2. my aunt (the one whose house we were at) looked at my toes and asked me did i paint them myself and i say yes. the she says "guess what?" and i say "what?". she says "i dont like that color". i laughed and said "me neither". i really dont. doesnt look like it looked in the bottle. not a fan...

just so you know, my grandma said i was old. she was like "when is your birthday?" and i told her and she said "and you'll be 23???" and i said "yes". she said, "you are getting old!" she also told me not to cut my hair anymore "with all these women out here buying it and you wanna cut it". finally, she said, "what everybody else got? masters? you go get your Ph.D." all this said with her stunna shades on (inside and out on the deck). my g'ma is a TRIP. 


Sunday, July 12, 2009
i just want to pop in and say so what if im another woman who doesnt know what she wants?that's the male complaint, right? they say, "women dont know what they want...". knowing what you want is overrated. im all for not knowing. if i dont know what i want, i cant be disappointed when i dont get it. i do know what i dont want and when you show me that, so what? at least im not surprised. it's just like "uh, thanks for eliminating yourself early". as long as i know the things i dont want, that's good enough for me. and who cares what works for you? this has been an unsolicited random thought from ANTITHESIS. back to being only active on twitter...

school's IN

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
and that means this blog is out for the summer! it's a drastic measure but my work load is a bit more than i expected. dont know why since a semester-long course is condensed into 6 weeks. for some reason i thought summer school was gonna be EASY. logic fail. ANYWAY, as i was unable to do daily posts while having no classes it's less likely i'll even post weekly. with that said, you can still follow a micro verson of inverted reflection on twitter (my twitter page actually has nothing to do with this blog).  but if you absolutely must keep tabs on this crazy girl, just add me: @a_banger 

twitter is probably the other reason my posts are so infrequent here. LAZY! whatever, see you in the Fall (maybe and if so, infrequently still). sorry, i love you all dearly but grad school is not happy fun time. 

i just want it to be over

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
ok, i am so over 2009. it's not the worst year ever but im not a fan. 2009, i am done with you. come on, 2010!

alumni giving

Do you give back to your alma mater? I remember being hit up for funds the day of my graduation. The begging came in the form of a "charge" to the class of 2008. June 30 was the last day to donate to Spelman for the fiscal year. Supposedly, the private school recieves federal funding based on how much alumnae give. I have not verified the validity of this statement.Sometimes I feel a little bad that I don't give but then I remember my dad is still paying my tuition so there is their gift. Once I'm out of grad school and somewhat established, I'll set aside some yearly funds for good old Spelman College. What about you?