i hate protein week

Monday, July 27, 2009
*bonus hair post*

too much protein is bad and too much moisture is bad for your hair. i created a nice balance when i was washing 1x a week. week one was heavy protein w/ aphogee 2-step protein treatment. week two: moisture w/ neutrogena triple moisture mask. week three, i went back to aphogee but this time the 2-minute reconstructor. the final week would be just regular wash and conditioning with pantene beautiful lengths shampoo and conditioner.

there is a huge difference in my flat ironing results when it's a protein week vs. moisture week. ive since changed my routine to 1 wash every two weeks. washing every week was a bit much for my chemically treated hair that was already prone to dryness. this week, 5 weeks post-relaxer, im loving how my chi is gliding through my hair making it smooth and shiny. on protein week, it still glides but theres little shine and the ends are poofy. i always have to follow up with the curling iron (too much heat, i know) if i need to go somewhere and look decent.

i know protein is necessary to balance the moisture, or else my hair become really limp, will stretch and then pop! the two-step treatment come with the balancing moisturizer but im not thinking that's enough. i let the 2min treatment stand alone. maybe i should do something differently. thoughts?

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