Sunday, July 12, 2009
i just want to pop in and say so what if im another woman who doesnt know what she wants?that's the male complaint, right? they say, "women dont know what they want...". knowing what you want is overrated. im all for not knowing. if i dont know what i want, i cant be disappointed when i dont get it. i do know what i dont want and when you show me that, so what? at least im not surprised. it's just like "uh, thanks for eliminating yourself early". as long as i know the things i dont want, that's good enough for me. and who cares what works for you? this has been an unsolicited random thought from ANTITHESIS. back to being only active on twitter...

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T said...

I don't think there are any rules that say once you get to a certain age you're supposed to know what you want. So long as you aren't making demands for what you want then realize you really didn't want that, 'cause that could be problematic.

Anyway, you're young. You have decades to figure out exactly what you want and in the meantime, it or he will probably plop in your lap without you even soliciting.