school's IN

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
and that means this blog is out for the summer! it's a drastic measure but my work load is a bit more than i expected. dont know why since a semester-long course is condensed into 6 weeks. for some reason i thought summer school was gonna be EASY. logic fail. ANYWAY, as i was unable to do daily posts while having no classes it's less likely i'll even post weekly. with that said, you can still follow a micro verson of inverted reflection on twitter (my twitter page actually has nothing to do with this blog).  but if you absolutely must keep tabs on this crazy girl, just add me: @a_banger 

twitter is probably the other reason my posts are so infrequent here. LAZY! whatever, see you in the Fall (maybe and if so, infrequently still). sorry, i love you all dearly but grad school is not happy fun time. 

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Certainly your school work should come before blogging.
See ya soon...hopefully :-)