Friday, February 29, 2008
im so excited for spring and the vibrant colors. my fav. season is almost here!!!!!! 

imagei dont know who makes these but i must have! i dont even know which color to choose. love it! wait, i think i saw these on like the jcrew or banana websites back in december.  im probably wrong, i stay on so many sites. not REALLY being in school and all....

colors i cant wait to wear (not as a "popping" accent):

im feeling the ombre trend, too!Laundry by Design Strapless Ombre Dress

im definately ready to step out of my bland palette of blue, grey, white, black and brown. ive been slowly easing out of my comfort zone and im super excited about spring. time to actually take a plunge!

Bourne Again

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
rumors of another Bourne sequel are circulating. im not a fan of keeping shit going this long but i LOVE those movies. I know there are like 10 books about this character. Im almost certain that this one will suck simply because the first two books were writting by one guy, then he died and someone else wanted to pick up the slack, continuing the series. but watev's cuz ill be ploppin' down $10 bucks to see that guy that sarah silverman is f'ing. 



"I dress myself"

Sunday, February 24, 2008
at styleshake.com, you design your own dress. pick the fabric, pic the colors, pick the style. no patterns, just solid colors but you can still get pretty creative.
me likey these, made by strangers:

no idea where i would wear it, but i would. maybe church..

don't know why im feelin' that shade of green. normally, i find it to be the absolute WORST.

Singles Awareness Day

Thursday, February 14, 2008

take a bow- madonna
wake up call- maroon 5
show me the meaning of being lonely- backstreet boys
the one i gave my heart to- aaliyah
you outta know- alanis morissette
lesson learned- alicia keys
all cried out- allure & 112
kitty kat- beyonce
doin just fine-boyz II men
like a boy- ciara
if- destiny's child
x-factor- lauryn hill
there it is- ginuwine
behind these hazel eyes- kelly clarkson
i just want it to be over, i changed my mind, love, gotta get my heart back, fallin' out, i remember didnt i tell you, shoulda let you go- keyshia cole
mad- vivian green
foolish games- jewel
before he cheats-carrie underwood

+ eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

would you erase me?


Monday, February 11, 2008

the grammys (collection of thoughts)

Sunday, February 10, 2008
i do not like awards shows. watching my first for real in literally years (probably ten), these were my thoughts

..:carrie underwood should come with an accessory pack
..:rihanna resembled an ostrich
..:i wonder if kanye plugs his clothes in at night...
..:"chris breezy" might be his kappa line name
..:to alicia keys: is that a harness?
..:whose idea was fergie w/ j. legend? couldnt anyone just accompany her on piano?
..:how does bey do it? best entertainer for real...and she looks damn good. even the weave is tolerable for some reason. her w/ tina was HOT
..: ok im done with this shit...*turning away*

duality: a perpetual list

i like music but i dont like songs
i like rhythm but i dont like beats
i like lyrics and poetry but i dont like rhymes
i like affluence but i dont like money
i like strength but i dont like force
i like passion but i dont like lust
i like fashion but i dont like clothes
i like photography but i dont like pictures
i like novels but i dont like books
i like films but i dont like movies
i like intimacy but i dont like sex
i like homes but i dont like houses

to understand this is to begin to understand me

red, white, and you

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

you know the date so you better know what to do!!!! get off the computer and head to the polls if you're in the right states. I'm from a non-state and our primary is not until the 12th. i plan to do the absentee thing (pending my request got in on time). so yea, it's the least you can do. and if you're a woman and/or black, people fought and died so you could do it so... do the right thing!

it's a leap year, yall!

Friday, February 1, 2008
so black history month is one day longer this year. yea, still there's no month shorter on the calendar. im just sayin... (also a friend from elementary gets to celebrate on her bday this year. i have a great memory. i know her name, changa, she had an older brother and she lived not too far from me. like around the corner. but i digress.)

are those mcdonalds commercials gonna come on? the ones where its like "365 black" but they only show it for a few weeks in february? that was mcdonalds right? corporate might not do anything too "pro-black" this year. wouldnt wanna be mistaken for endorsing obama... naw, im just serious. 

i think, in honor of it being black history month, BET should go off the air. maybe just for february as a trial and then permanently if, you know, "we" start doin' a little better. just a thought. 

movie nostalgia

Just One of the Guys (1985)

Terri, a very attractive and talented journalist, enrolls in school as a boy to be taken more seriously. Comedy insues...

i would have loved to be a teen in the 80's. my sister, who was a teen in the 80's, does not have as fond memories of the decade as i would have imagined. maybe i would share her sentiments but from the outside looking in, looks like fun times. most of the fashion was wack but what's been brought back is kinda hot to me. i like the corny ass movies, what can i say?

good casting job!

cant wait for previews. spot-on, spot-on.