long hair, don't care

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
i got a weave, ya'll! yea, and i didnt even post a pic for you guys. aren't i a stinker? lol. i got ya'll. i will do better. i'm just being lazy with the pick-taking/uploading aspect. 

i hate pop-ups

Monday, September 29, 2008

my internet pop-up blocker works great. but i need a real life one like i need an 'undo' button. don't you just hate when people pop back up into your life? it's like "you were gone. the reason doesn't matter. maybe there are really no hard feelings. but what exactly is your purpose now? what do you want?".
if people get bored, they feel like they need to contact me. i'll be the first to tell you i'm not the most fun person. at times i can be funny but im not the chick you say, "call her. you are GUARANTEED a good time". so what's that all about. weird, huh? 

*note* i do not have a pc. i am very much a mac lover but that was the only picture to illustrate my point. 

i won something (again)

Friday, September 26, 2008

i got tagged by the talented writer who is the owner of Love Is A Minefield. i guess this is where i share some truths about myself and then tag other people. i dont follow directions so i wont tag anyone. the people i love know i love them. they are on my little blog scroll and i subscribe to their blogs. they get tagged all the time so they have probably recieved this award at least 3 times by now. i will leave you with some facts about me.
  • i used to have my tongue pierced
  • i am the most indecisive person you will ever meet
  • im a libra to the very definition of one
  • i have almost completely lost faith that i will find my match
  • i am extremely uncomfortable with sitting or having my bed in front of a window

i like...

Thursday, September 25, 2008
solange. so what? sue me! so because she is overshadowed by her older sibling, she should be ignored by everyone? give the child a chance. don't compare her to bey because, no she is no match but she is an artist in her own right. no, she cannot sing but she has something decent to say. she's no more tone deaf than rihanna or ashanti. she is not as attractive as her older sister and sometimes i get on bey for having what i call "solange" days. i have to empathize with her for being herself and not a carbon copy of her sister. she does have her own style rather than completely riding on beyonce's coat-tails. her latest attempt, (i dont know how well recieved it was), i enjoy it. and its something about that chick's style i like. she cant dress, per se, but i can somehow tolerate her. so what am i  saying here? 

i guess i'm saying listen to her or dont. but dont talk sh*t about her. especially if you have never heard one song in it's entirety. 

simply put

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
people ask me what master's program i'm in. i used to say the proper name "community counseling". to this they replied with an odd look and then, "what's that?". so then i started just saying "counseling" which still warranted further explanation. why do i feel like it's self-explanatory? maybe i tend to be a person of few words and value brevity and simplicity. but i feel like that's the simplest thing. why do i need to explain to you what that is, especially you college-educated people?

being asked questions like that is annoying in itself. it's like when you are about to graduate from somewhere and people ask, "so what are you going to do next?" i find those "get-to-know-you" questions so annoying. "oh, what's your major/program?" "what do you do?" "explain that..." i guess it's necessary but i prefer converstations that aren't an interrogation.

am i being difficult. is counseling really vague? also, why is there an assumption that i will do just one type?

allow me to add: i HATE when people reply with, "so is that like social work?" fool, if it was social work i would have said "social work". people get on my nerves...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

there are 9 days left until my 22nd birthday! on 10/02 i'm planning on getting a tattoo, getting my free ice cream at coldstone (i joined the birthday club; i know that is SO fat), and seeing a play. 

nairVER again

Monday, September 22, 2008
i was tired of nicks as a result of shaving my legs plus the stubble the next day was no picnic either, so i sought an alternative. i knew Nair and Veet were good products. nair was a little more familiar because i remembered HATING the smell as a kid. people were saying nair had changed and their advertising had changed so i decided to give them a chance. plus this package claimed to contain vitamin E and cocoa butter (love the smell of cocoa butter). 

this $4 (sale price) mess still stinks, leaves a weird feeling on and wont wash off my hands, and burned the skin a little of my leg after the recommended MINIMUM 3 mins. i will NOT be purchasing this product again. the burn wasnt even worth it because there was still some visible hair after use. it was as if it just trimmed the hair in some areas. 

verdict: i shoulda went with Veet

who is carol anyway?

Friday, September 19, 2008
whoever she is, her daughter made a leave-in conditioner. i love the way it smells, but it doesnt really benefit my hair. it doesnt necessarily make it softer or moisturized. it doesnt detangle. the scent is lovely, i must say. im talking about carol's daughter and the product is black vanilla leave-in conditioner. it will cost you $11 to impart this lovely scent on your locks. if you want a lasting scent in your hair, i bet you could just use your favorite vickies body splash. i'm a little more than half-way through the bottle i bought almost a year ago. i'll use it for my nightly braidouts since i'll be wearing my hair natural while i finish up all these products.

do you?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i wanna know if you match your nail polish with you toe polish. if you get a french manicure, do you also get a french pedi? lemme know.

elasta qp glaze

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another from the elasta qp line. basically, these people have made what black women have been doing for years, a combo of grease and gel. this was my go-to hair product for my junior high days. i revisited it recently to get those pesky edges to lie down. back in 7th and 8th grade, i didnt know better so i pretty much used it on my whole head. because the product is so greasy, i only recommend it for taming that "baby hair". it's about $3or $4 so you have very little to use by trying it. i cannot stress enough NOT using it all over unless you do not want your hair to move. it's flexible and pliable but will not blow in the wind. 
i just added this girl here because i love her hair and 
color and it is most similar to mine. she uses this product,
too. see how flat her edges are?

where to next?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

you go to college and people are from all over. especially if you are from out-of-state, your collegemates may want to know if you will return home upon graduation. they want to know where you want to settle and start your post-undergrad life. if you will be attending graduate school, will you stay in that place once your studies are completed?

i decided to return to my native DC to pursue graduate studies. a sound financial decision. but i dont know if i will stay upon recieving my degree, certification, and license. once i'm legally able to practice for profit, i might want to be somewhere else. somewhere where the cost of living is a little more reasonable. somewhere where i will have representation on the hill. 
it's easy to say where i don't wanna be. but where do i want to live? i'm pretty sure i want to live in the suburb of a major city. i want the convenience of access to the "hustle and bustle" of a major city with the partial seclusion and serenity of a suburb. plus that affordability. i want a front and backyard (a rare commodity in city living). i want the availability of premier education if i am blessed/cursed with children. so where does this exist? 

are you in the same general area you have always been? did you move around alot? where do you want to settle down and start a family? are you content with where you are?

TRESemme heat tamer spray

Monday, September 15, 2008

this is a product from TRESemme's thermal creations line. i had a bottle two years ago and it got ruined on one my mini excursions. between the time of ruining and now, i hadnt been pressing my hair much so i didnt really have a need for it. i didnt realize how much it had been missed until i bought a FHI flat iron. not gonna review that because there is plenty of internet evidence that that line of irons is HOT! whenever you apply heat, you need a heat protectant and this is it. it's budget-friendly  because it is often available for $2.99 at CVS. it will last forever because you REALLY do not need much. the drawback is it contains alcohol. but doesnt everything (heat protector-wise) these days?

non sequitur

Friday, September 12, 2008
do you often get the feeling that things make little sense in your life? like events do not logically follow one another? this KEEPS happening to me. i keep finding myself thinking, what sense does that make? i keep wanting to know why he or she will say/do something. very confusing. like why would you do so many things contrary to what you say? i know i'm being very vague, but it's another one of those things where i dont want to go into a great deal of detail. but i'm wondering if you can relate on the most simplistic of levels?
ANNOUNCEMENT: antithesis will be attending Nordstrom's Cosmetic Trend Show tomorrow morning at Pentagon City. This make-up newbie is SUPER excited. i'll try to remember to take lots of pics (not of me because i am certain to look a hot ass mess having to wake up at like 6 am on a saturday). 


Thursday, September 11, 2008
not the one you're thinking of. i must proclaim my love for LAUREN LONDON. i have no idea why i like her so much. she's no oscar-worthy actress but she's no lame either. maybe it's the fact that her first and last names start with the same letter (just like ME). or it's because she has dimples and one is deeper than the other (like me). she's just effortlessly beautiful (like i wanna be).  who is your favorite celeb?

things i'll do when/if i have kids

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
subtitle: the name game

haven't done one of these in a while. i give alot of thought to how i would raise my kids but little to no thought to what their names will be. well, actually i've given it thought. everytime someone has a kid i think about the name they gave them. i couldnt decide on a name because it's so permanent. that is that kids name for life. some names are cute when the person is a little boy or little girl but can you image calling some 30 year old woman Kayla? or what about a baby named Opal? a name that's perfectly fine for a 60-year-old woman. but maybe i dont need to think about a name just yet. i suppose i would let my husband have some input unless he was talking crazy tryna name my sons Walker and Texas Ranger. 

what are some of your favorite names?

there are good parts

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
being single sucks. it really does. but it has it's perks.

1. no waiting around for that call after some event is over. and when that event should be LONG over you are not sitting there wondering what happened to boo. 
2. no other females doing dumb female sh*t. 
3. no training. rarely do men come already equipped with how to treat me. being single saves me the frustration and disappointment. 
4. no justifying male friends. 
5. no arguments to f*ck up my whole day
6. no wondering if he's wandering

who ya w/?

Monday, September 8, 2008

it's football season. are you excited? well get even more excited because guest blogger Don, of Minus the Bars, will have a weekly post on here! and here is where you come in: leave your favorite team in the comments so Don knows exactly who to pay extra attention to. happy pigskin season!

it was a good idea at the time

have you ever made a purchase and was like, "what a bargain!". like how could you NOT have bought it? that happened to me a little while ago at DSW. i snagged some taupe pumps for less than $30. i figured, everyone needs pumps (it's such a classic shoe); plus wouldn't it be nice to have something other than black and regular brown? i knew they would look great with some trouser jeans. problem: i dont own a pair and it wouldnt be the most sound investment as the office i work in is business casual a.k.a no jeans allowed. no matter how crisp and classy they may look, at the end of the day they are jeans and im not about to try to get away with wearing them until i see at least two people wear them. so what do i wear with these?:

that's not the actual pair but they are very similar (too lazy to take and upload my own pic). basically, taupe is a brownish-grey shade. 

*bonus post* are you ready...

Sunday, September 7, 2008
for some FOOTBALL!!!???? football season is officially underway. i don't count thursday's match up of giants v. redskins. i think it's obvious why i don't. in addition to the obvious reason, i just dont find it fair to bring together the national champions and...them. anyway, my 'boys play today at 4:15. i'm ready for my football fix. im not a fan of pre-season so i didn't watch any of those games. i dont find them to be all that good of a predictor because teams are reluctant to use their starters and star players. i'm most interested in when it COUNTS. 

are you a football fan? who's your team? did you watch any preseason games?

don, where you at, my only male reader (the only one who comments anyway)? get your sports writing on. hey, idea: wanna be a guess blogger and have weekly football posts on my blog? or you can just steal my idea and do it on your own blog. 

elasta QP reflect

Friday, September 5, 2008

i got a free sample of some elasta QP sheen spray and i'll tell you the verdict right now: LOVE IT!
i use this usually before going out and always when i do pin curls. it is not heavy nor oily and leaves a GREAT sheen. go get yours. i dont know what the regular price is because i haven't run out yet (a little goes a long way). you can probably get it for no more than $7. 

mimosa hair honey

Thursday, September 4, 2008
like Product Junkie, i probably need to place myself on probation. the bin that i keep my hair/beauty products in is overflowing. my initial solution would be get a bigger bin. but realistically, a bigger bin would not fit in the limited space that is my bedroom in my parents' house. plus it would not help to curtail my spending habits. so now i have resolved to using up all the stuff in there, no matter how much of an un-favorite it is. so here's a review of one of those non-favorites: carol's daughter's mimosa hair honey. 

this has all the potential to be the best thing ever. no petroleum, no mineral oil, no artificial colors. contains shea butter, cocoa butter, rosemary, lavender, sweet orange essential oil and other natural ingredients. this concoction promises to control frizz and add shine to natural or relaxed hair. that, it did not lie about. but here's the bad. sort of what i call lying by omission, it fails to tell you your hair  will be GREASY. the good is if i apply it with my hair still wet, the curl is maintained and my edges lay down a little better than normal. this conditioning hairdress in an 8 oz. jar is currently priced at $15.50. i SERIOUSLY doubt that is what i paid because i've had it for a WHILE. whatever amount i paid, i will not shell it out again and do recommend that anyone else does either. if you got this as a gift or was at someone's house and needed to use something, go ahead. verdit: just ok

"let the beat hit 'em"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

visit me on myspace. i promise to update that page...eventually. 

it's about that time

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
is this you?

then it is probably time to take that weave out. how does one know for sure? well, i will tell you. the following are some clues. and by all means, if it starts out looking like any of this, request an immediate refund!

1. your natural hair is no longer "blending"
2. there are tangles and fly-aways
3. the hair no longer appears cut into a style
4. your track is showing
5. the weave does not lay flat enough to your head, appearing natural
6. it...just...looks ratty/like a mop

*did you know?*- i am wearing a weave in my profile pic. if you knew, good eye. i'm not ashamed if you knew because that weave was like 2 months old and i took it out shortly after that pic was taken.