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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
people ask me what master's program i'm in. i used to say the proper name "community counseling". to this they replied with an odd look and then, "what's that?". so then i started just saying "counseling" which still warranted further explanation. why do i feel like it's self-explanatory? maybe i tend to be a person of few words and value brevity and simplicity. but i feel like that's the simplest thing. why do i need to explain to you what that is, especially you college-educated people?

being asked questions like that is annoying in itself. it's like when you are about to graduate from somewhere and people ask, "so what are you going to do next?" i find those "get-to-know-you" questions so annoying. "oh, what's your major/program?" "what do you do?" "explain that..." i guess it's necessary but i prefer converstations that aren't an interrogation.

am i being difficult. is counseling really vague? also, why is there an assumption that i will do just one type?

allow me to add: i HATE when people reply with, "so is that like social work?" fool, if it was social work i would have said "social work". people get on my nerves...

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh I am soooo with you!! I hate interrogation conversations. I guess it's because I'm not a big talker.

You're not being vague, people are just being too inquisitive!

T said...

OMG! OMG! I feel you! I work in public relations and I always get the questions:

1. So what does that mean?
2. So what do you do all day?
3. So what's a typical day for you?

Dude, look public relations up on That's what I do.

No one knows what an accountant's day looks like. They just know accountants do stuff they can't do having to do with numbers. Well, I do stuff you can't do (or understand) having to do with media.

This early morning vent brought to you by Tea. LOL!

antithesis said...

*dead* @ T and LMAO@ BGG

i thought i was crazy. it's just like "why do you need to know?"

Don said...

i don't think you should ever go out of your way to explain something to people who will only end up still not understanding.

if you have to explain it, they probably don't need to know anyways. lol. my grandmothers' saying.

antithesis said...

but don, how am i going to just not answer the question? LOL! i'll think of something polite but indicates i wna to end their line of questioning/conversation all together.

T said...

I always just say, "you know, I really don't want to talk about work today. How about those Bears?"

Don said...

answer the question, by all means. but you know how a person can tell if the other person's response will require you to break your answer down to its very last compound.

now, that, i don't think you should do.

A.M. said...

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