winter vacation

Monday, November 30, 2009
this year i dont get winter break. this is the first time in ever school doesnt just cease for me. i get a break from classes but i have other responsibilities for internship and i only get like a week to myself to do nothing. so im implementing winter break here on my blog. enjoy what's left of 2009! i'll see ya'll next year. (catch up on posts you missed and, as always, email me or catch me on twitter!)

and then there's more

Friday, November 27, 2009
here are the rest of my lippies. video's a little dark and choppy, but you all will deal, right? right.

swag surfin: video tutorial

Thursday, November 26, 2009
quick tutorial of the look i did on 6.22.09

peek in my closet: chillin w/ my big sis

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

black beret-h&m
plaid shirt (in navy and black)- forever21
skinny jeans- ny&co
ugg boots-nordstrom


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

let's do it again

Monday, November 23, 2009
as we close out 2009, i want to go the way of a few beauty bloggers i've come across. over the year, i've had a chance to try a few things. some products are collecting dust while others are in heavy rotation. here's a list of products i liked this year and found myself habitually using. i'll probably buy all of these again. i've done a review of most of these but if you want to know more about any of the items listed, feel free to contact me.


wash- cetaphil daily facial cleanser

foundation- mac studio fix fluid SPF15 NC50

powder- mineralize skinfinish dark

shine control- mac blot powder

primer- smashbox photofinish light

exfoliator- mac volcanic ash exfoliator

makeup remover- mac cleanse off oil


mascara- maybelline colossal lash

brow grooming kit- ecotools

shadow- mac

liner- MUFE pencils/ maybelline liquid liner/ mac fluidline

makeup remover- still bi-facil is kinda nice


lotion- jergens natural glow firming (for summer)/ vaseline clinical therapy (for winter)

shave gel- skintimate strawberry tangerine twist with olive butter and vitamin E

antiperspirant- clinique deodorant

after workout body wash- dr bronner's liquid soap

soap- dove white bar


pigment- mac

natural products- aloe vera juice and gel, rose water, glycerin


heat protector- tresemme thermal creations heat tamer spray

moisturizer- silk elements silken child moisturizing creme

scalp care- roots of nature shea butter green tea stimulating scalp oil

leave-in- optimum care tangle defense

protein treatment- aphogee 2-min reconstructor

moisturizing conditioner- neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery mask

clarifying shampoo- V05


polish- OPI

top coal- OPI

nail art- art deco nail art lacquer

foot care- pedegg

moisturizer- cetaphil

mattifying top coat- china glaze matte magic

...of the month

Friday, November 20, 2009

the makeup product of the month is: lancome virtuose mascara in royal gold
idk y the swatch is like that b/c it looks blue w/ gold sparkle

i won this from the lancome blog and im so glad i did. this blue mascara with gold flecks is the bit of flare i needed. it's a change from regular black but it's not super dramatic. i don't mind it b/c i dont think anyone else notices but i like it. it's something for me and it's not as overpowering as thick black mascara can be when you do a blue look on the eyes. sometimes, i dont want bare lashes but i also dont want my lashes so dark it turns my look into an evening look when im just going to school or internship. the formula isnt flakey on my lashes and doesnt coat too thick. my lashes feel soft to the touch but there is added length and if you look closely, there is a little sparkle. this product is on the "beauty bye-bye" section of the lancome website so try to grab one before theyre all gone. i encourage you not to shy away from colored mascara.

peek in my closet: weekend shopping

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mossimo black faux leather moto jacket from target
blouse from tjmaxx
black skinny jeans from ny&co.
arizona mid-calf faux suede boots from jcpenney
black h&m beret

product review

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

do i need counseling?

Monday, November 16, 2009
*do not link this post to any of my professors*

honestly, not everyone will benefit from counseling. for me to say everyone could use counseling is like sayin everyone could use iron pills. i dont even think everyone needs a multivitamin. personally, they make me nauseous no matter what so...yea. you may benefit from counseling if:
  • you have a basic, unbiased view of mental health- that is rare because of the history of the medical and mental health field and social stigma associated with mental illness
  • you have an issue impairing your daily functioning- performance at school or work dwindling because of x.y, and z, going on with you? go work through that.
  • you are willing to to try out a few people to find a good match- you dont have to go with the first name in the phone book. counselors have different strengths and theoretical orientations that must be considered in addition to meeting the criteria of not having a personality clash. everyone with a license isn't a good clinician
  • you can understand that the counselor is not some all-knowing guru and that you will have to do some work because you already have the solution- the counselor is just there to facilitate that inner quest and to collaborate with you to resolve your issue. we have some knowledge but we're not GOD. and if you have some life-altering epiphany, we'll be there to ensure a smooth landing.
  • you need a space for support and non-judgemental, non-directive listening- some people do not have adequate social support and counselors can fill that void. that's kinda what i am for my client which is lame but it's better than if he killed himself.
as always, i'm willing to answer your questions as best i can about counseling and mental health. remember i'm a student, so i may not know everything but i can point you in the direction to find out more. also, just so you know, this post is what i believe and not necessarily what i've been taught (just in case some GW folks spot this post).

in theaters...

Sunday, November 15, 2009
i have to take time to endorse this movie. Precious was great! it almost moved me to tears. i read the novel about 4 years ago and then a while later i was informed they would make it into a movie. i didnt re-read the novel b/c the copy i had was borrowed from a friend and i assumed with the film announcement, libraries would not be able to keep it. if you haven't already, read the book. afterwards, go see the movie. i normally do not like the film versions of books but this one does such a good job that i almost say it doesn't matter what order in which you read and watch. regardless, i still want you to do both. have you read/watched? what were your thoughts?the movie deserves an oscar just for featuring lenny kravitz!

...of the month

Friday, November 13, 2009
fotd of the month is my twitter profile pic. i selected this for the "of the month post", not because im vain but because i made a very simple, natural-looking makeup look for class and other days when im just not into it.

here's the step-by-step, in case you're interested. it seems like a lot, huh?

1. moisturize as usual
2. apply smashbox photofinish primer light
3. too faced shadow insurance on lids
4. fill brows using coordinating color. i used mac "smut" e/s
5. follow brow above and below with concealer using flat brush. i used mac studiofinish spf 35 in NW45
6. apply a highlight color beneath brow from arch outward and on lid from iris outward. i used mac "era" e/s
7. between highlight color, apply skintone shadow. i used mac mineralize skinfinsh dark
8. line lid with liquid eyeliner and lower lash line with gel eyeliner. i used maybelline liquid liner and mac fluidline in "blacktrack"
9. *optional*apply eyeshadow on lower lid to match outfit. you can really see but i used mac e/s in "humid" (it's green).
10. apply a light powder foundation to face. i used mineralize skinfinish dark
11. add mascara. i used mac dazzlelash
12. apply lip gloss. i used sephora "rosy glow" from the beauty insider bday gift.

around the blogosphere

Thursday, November 12, 2009
  1. take 20% off @ bloomies
  2. take 30% off @ urban decay
  3. PJD gives you a review and shows you how to do it yourself
  4. Brittany from clumps of mascara loves her body and so should you!
  5. check out this festive polish from NARS for the holidays
  6. if you think amerie looked cute in complex mag, you can snag her look. (just dont buy the album)

random hump day bonus

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
this was one of my favorite shows as a kid. do you remember rescue 911? i believe it came on saturday nights. idk b/c i was kinda young. my brother would always turn it on for me after i whined, "turn. on. rescue 911". and i felt like "rescue" was a big word and i knew what it meant but could hardly say it. anyway, something is really wrong with my brother and me b/c we thought this show was funnier than our saturday morning cartoons. i will never forget the following episodes:
  1. the one where the mother went to get into the shower and had just turned on the washer machine. i swear the little boy said "im dirty, too" and got his ass in the damn washer
  2. this one was actually disturbing and we still laughed. he was playing with his brother but they were supposed to be brushing their teeth. so their chasing each other and one boy runs into a wall (#fail) and the tooth brush got stuck in his throat blocking his airway. that was so nasty but we laughed.
  3. this one made me stop laughing and afraid to go on white water rafting trips. cant remember exactly what happened on this one. i think they went over a waterfall and one or two girls actually died.

peek in my closet: grad student uniform

  • h&m sweater coat
  • old navy 3/4 sleeve 3-button tee
  • h&m jeans
  • dsw free tote w/ $25 purchase (i got michael kors flats on clearance for $25 + tax)

barbie nails

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
made this video on 10/31

monday bonus!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009
look at my attempt to recreate rih-rih's 20/20 interview look. it may have helped had i watched the interview. #dontjudgeme

chobani greek yogurt

i dont talk about food often here but i had to warn you guys. i've only had greek yogurt one other time and it was from trader joes and it was delish! so when my dad said he brought home a "different" kind of yogurt from my prefered yoplait, i was ok with it. i normally like vanilla yogurt (not to be mistaken for plain *death*) so i tried the vanilla version of the all natural chobani brand. GROSS. it's like plain yogurt w/ a hint of vanilla. if you have ever had plain yogurt, you know that is something you don't wanna do again unless ur making smoothies using real fruit or something. he picked up some other varieties, so i'll give another flavor a chance but right now, im not into. gimme the brands i've heard of full of chemicals that are killing me because as of right now, i cant do it with this super healthy version.

*update* i tried the strawberry and it's edible but im still gonna say no to this yogurt. you mess up vanilla and i want nothing to do with you.

(worst) ...of the month

Friday, November 6, 2009
Music: Amerie "love&war"
looks cute in this month's essence but that won't help album sales

My initial response to this effort- *blank stare*. "Why r u" still recording?! Who approved this mess which is "dangerous" to my ears? I "heard em all" and each track is more audibly offensive than the previous. #iCant and #iWont

around the blogosphere

Thursday, November 5, 2009

peek in my closet

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
ha! carrie bradshaw's closet

so i'm going to go 'head w/ the peek in my closet series. before we start here's some stats you might find useful (or maybe not):

  1. i will shop pretty much anywhere unless the prices are consistently out of my budget even with a sale/coupon and unless the clothes look/feel cheap
  2. my tops are usually size L/XL or 12/14 with a couple (literally 2, i think) of M thrown in the mix
  3. on the bottom, i'm pretty consistently a 10/12 and i have some 14's that are too big and i wear 'em anyway
  4. i dont think i have any number sized dresses and the dresses i have are M and L
  5. my shoes are 8, 8 1/2, and 9
  6. i'm 5'3 1/2" tall so i just say 5'4"
so basically, i'm all over the place in sizes and i'm short. i like to think that i know my limitations so i can't wear everything that's how right now, but i'll show you all what i do own and how i wear it. i'll ask you how to wear an item, too. also, go ahead and comment or email me requests for events, occassions, and such.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009
my first video of my nail polish series. a little different from my other videos since it's not a tutorial (i dont think i need to show people how to paint their nails).

happy halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2009

a tutorial would take longer than the 10 minutes youtube allows, so if you would like details and directions, just email me or leave me a comment with your contact info!