do i need counseling?

Monday, November 16, 2009
*do not link this post to any of my professors*

honestly, not everyone will benefit from counseling. for me to say everyone could use counseling is like sayin everyone could use iron pills. i dont even think everyone needs a multivitamin. personally, they make me nauseous no matter what so...yea. you may benefit from counseling if:
  • you have a basic, unbiased view of mental health- that is rare because of the history of the medical and mental health field and social stigma associated with mental illness
  • you have an issue impairing your daily functioning- performance at school or work dwindling because of x.y, and z, going on with you? go work through that.
  • you are willing to to try out a few people to find a good match- you dont have to go with the first name in the phone book. counselors have different strengths and theoretical orientations that must be considered in addition to meeting the criteria of not having a personality clash. everyone with a license isn't a good clinician
  • you can understand that the counselor is not some all-knowing guru and that you will have to do some work because you already have the solution- the counselor is just there to facilitate that inner quest and to collaborate with you to resolve your issue. we have some knowledge but we're not GOD. and if you have some life-altering epiphany, we'll be there to ensure a smooth landing.
  • you need a space for support and non-judgemental, non-directive listening- some people do not have adequate social support and counselors can fill that void. that's kinda what i am for my client which is lame but it's better than if he killed himself.
as always, i'm willing to answer your questions as best i can about counseling and mental health. remember i'm a student, so i may not know everything but i can point you in the direction to find out more. also, just so you know, this post is what i believe and not necessarily what i've been taught (just in case some GW folks spot this post).

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