(worst) ...of the month

Friday, November 6, 2009
Music: Amerie "love&war"
looks cute in this month's essence but that won't help album sales

My initial response to this effort- *blank stare*. "Why r u" still recording?! Who approved this mess which is "dangerous" to my ears? I "heard em all" and each track is more audibly offensive than the previous. #iCant and #iWont

4 thought(s):

T said...

it's not even worth me taking a listen, but she was fly as hell in that Essense spread. I was definitely inspired by the 40s!

Don said...

Can't understand why Amerie isn't a top selling artist. Does she sing with any emotion?

antithesis said...

you can call it singing if you want but it struck me as howling to a high percussion/go-go beat. i wish she would just model b/c she's very pretty and i loved her essence spread.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thank you thank you..lol you know how I feel about this artist.
I really don't know why she's still around. If someone is buying the album then great, make that money girl but geesh. She seems so boring to me, her singing is ok at best but people who can't sing as well make more money. I think it has to do with her personality.... Who knows, shes just a snooze in my book and ALL of her songs seem to sound alike..lol