chobani greek yogurt

Monday, November 9, 2009
i dont talk about food often here but i had to warn you guys. i've only had greek yogurt one other time and it was from trader joes and it was delish! so when my dad said he brought home a "different" kind of yogurt from my prefered yoplait, i was ok with it. i normally like vanilla yogurt (not to be mistaken for plain *death*) so i tried the vanilla version of the all natural chobani brand. GROSS. it's like plain yogurt w/ a hint of vanilla. if you have ever had plain yogurt, you know that is something you don't wanna do again unless ur making smoothies using real fruit or something. he picked up some other varieties, so i'll give another flavor a chance but right now, im not into. gimme the brands i've heard of full of chemicals that are killing me because as of right now, i cant do it with this super healthy version.

*update* i tried the strawberry and it's edible but im still gonna say no to this yogurt. you mess up vanilla and i want nothing to do with you.

4 thought(s):

Don said...

I've never had Yogurt. I hear it's good though. Give me some Butter Pecan ice cream and you have a friend for life.

LOL @ my simpleness.

T said...

Thanks for this. I made the mistake of buying plain yogurt once and literally gagged. ooh, it was nasty. I haven' had greek yogurt though, because I (ignorantly) thought all greek yogurt was plain. I'll try the vanilla.

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