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Friday, November 20, 2009

the makeup product of the month is: lancome virtuose mascara in royal gold
idk y the swatch is like that b/c it looks blue w/ gold sparkle

i won this from the lancome blog and im so glad i did. this blue mascara with gold flecks is the bit of flare i needed. it's a change from regular black but it's not super dramatic. i don't mind it b/c i dont think anyone else notices but i like it. it's something for me and it's not as overpowering as thick black mascara can be when you do a blue look on the eyes. sometimes, i dont want bare lashes but i also dont want my lashes so dark it turns my look into an evening look when im just going to school or internship. the formula isnt flakey on my lashes and doesnt coat too thick. my lashes feel soft to the touch but there is added length and if you look closely, there is a little sparkle. this product is on the "beauty bye-bye" section of the lancome website so try to grab one before theyre all gone. i encourage you not to shy away from colored mascara.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks for the review and heads up on the beauty bye bye section.
Have a great weekend.

Don said...

Have a good weekend, Ashley. I will be going to check out Precious, then hunt for some Indian food.

Yep, a st8 up COPYCAT.

antithesis said...

@pjd- ur welcome

@don- i dont mind u copying but u need to give me some ideas to copy, too. and EMAIL ME!

Don said...

@ Precious was okay. I thought the "premise" of the movie was a bit too much for me or different than what I expected. Umm, we didn't eat Indian. We settled upon Ryan's.

antithesis said...

don- i should have warned u that it wasnt a date movie, per se. heavy topic but i still liked it. some people who had not read the book didnt really like the movie. i thought it was ok even if u hadnt read the book but i guess i was wrong.