Sunday, March 28, 2010
my sister and i took a handgun class at the gun range this weekend- Ladies Handgun 101. it was taught by this petite, solid but slender framed woman who said she was a bodyguard! that was so cool to hear her say that plus she was SUPER nice.

im firearm-challenged. i was scared as CRAP (the reason i wanted to take the class). i wanted to learn how to safely and responsibly handle a gun b/c the idea of going and doing some target shooting sounds fun. i struggled with loading the magazine on the gun i chose but the instructor said she sometimes carries that when working and admitted that it was especially tough. i even struggled with a particular step in loading. im not going to get started on my aim...

i learned that it's an expensive habit: the 4-hour class was $150 plus the cost of gun rental and ammo. i'd like to thank my big sis for treating me :). ammo is expensive because of the economy and people feeling like they need to protect themselves and their homes, plus our country is in two wars. guns themselves were never cheap. i dont have to worry about that last part because DC residents are both denied a vote in congress AND the right to a weapon.

my sister really liked it and got the hang of it but i never did. my brother enjoys that stuff so maybe thats something they can bond over. her husband had like NO interest and i think she really wants to go back and was hoping i'd be more into it. i guess im willing to try again but i told her i wasnt going back right away. i do want to try a different gun and learn to relax more. being nervous is never helpful when using a gun. now i know how bitches feel in movies when they get a gun for the very first time and MUST use it in self-defense. i used to be like "hoe, shoot him! the fuck you shakin for?" now i get it!!!!

standards too high? scope too low?

Saturday, March 27, 2010
#oneofmyfollowers replied to one of my tweets with a #aimhigher. he's probably right.

type of guy i go for? almost any guy who shows me interest and isnt terrible to look at. i give too much too soon (not just referring to sex) and i inevitably get my feelings hurt. you would think i'd learn by now but i tend not to catch myself until it's too late. i tell myself that im not going to do this and that and what do i do? this AND that. im thinking that i not only have to change my behavior but i have to change who i behave toward.

being born without patience is a factor yet again. what i need to do is calm myself down and WAIT. if this dude doesnt know how to act, i need to wait for the one who does. instead, i put up with the bullshit as if ive taken some sacred vow of loyalty.

i used to think my standards were too high but at the same time, i see evidence that men who do right exist. problem is, some chick has usually snatched his ass up. no one comes to mind who acts right and is single. if i were able to think of someone, i could 73% guarantee he is not interested in me.

maybe, just maybe my scope and self-esteem is too low. idk.

why would you even say that?

Thursday, March 25, 2010
today was a day filled with "the fuck made you think that was ok to say to me?" moments. im not going to get into the narrowly avoided altercation i ALMOST had today at my internship but i will get into what was said to me by my friend. we are having a yahoo chat conversation (b/c yes, i still use that shit) about HER having a kid and naming it something. she tells me a new name for her daughter all the time. i'm just waiting for her to actually be pregnant or to at least have a potential acceptable sperm donor for him to have his say in this decision. and then i made the comment that im not gonna have a baby friend or get married and you know what this heifer said? "yeah ur totally getting married".

why would you wish that on someone? rude! i think the fact that i insist on not being a nuptual person convinces people that i'll be the very one to walk down the aisle. they are sooooo mistaken. how foolhardy of them. ha! "foolhardy". funny word. ok. im done. (can you tell i've had alcohol?)

what's the word? (this may offend)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
i need a word for this feeling that non-boyfriend gives me. i think it's "lust" or "infatuation". not sure. im the type of person to think of a word and then check the dictionary to see how well it really fits. neither of those fit. i KNOW it's not love. it can't be love because it's never love when you only feel it in your fuck parts. so what is it?

it's not solely a sexual thing. i've been with dudes who do good #hoeshit and they've never given me this feeling. i feel some other physical connection or something. shit's weird.

try not to lie

remember i said briefly i had a date and shit went well? well...here's the thing i hate for you to lie. i ESPECIALLY hate for you to lie about dumb shit (shit i can easily figure out by blinking). mid-convo at 10:30pm you're on some "hold that thought, i'll call you right back". ok. you dont call back. #kanyeshrug, maybe a nigga got caught up. next day i call, no answer. you text me talmbout you working on something and you'll get back. ok...days later, you hit me on yahoo on some youve been trying to get in touch with me b/c u left your phone at the dmv. ok. sure. here's the problem. you made your lie way too elaborate. you live in VA, what the fuck were you doing at the DC DMV???? maybe im jumping to conclusions but the day you were supposedly working on your bike you then go to the DMV where you lose your phone? further you have ANOTHER phone with text messages from me so you weren't completely without my number. even if any of that was true and on the up and up, i aint seen you in a week so im over you. my attention span is never that long. plus this week, you've only called me from your work phone. and you on some power differential where i try to get off the phone and you're not into it and then two minutes later you ended the conversation. got the nerve to say you'll call me later. still waiting on that call.

is this real life?

for those confused by my tweets to/about @booskee9, idk if i ever clarified this.

as far as i know, the spring 2014 wedding with the colors coral and cream is just a running joke we have. that's as far as I know. for some other people, there is the feeling that this should be a real thing.

it cannot be a real thing because Tre' lives in NC. i find that undesireable. and no, it isnt that far (like 4 hr drive) but i dont see you out there walking children in nature so #dontjudgeme. translation: it's not that far to someone who doesnt actually have to do it. so i feel like i dont know him well enough for that to be a real thing. based on meeting on twitter, chattin it up on BBM, meeting in person once, and the vday package he sent me, it could be a real thing. however, i'll reserve the final decision for when im convinced this dude is serious and he calls me on a regular basis and takes some action regarding the vast amount of road between us.

so for the time being, just be mildly entertained by my ability to even speak of the possibility of marriage even if it is in jest.

what's in a name?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
there was once upon a time when i would take a dude out of the running if i did not love his name. guys with names that start with D were almost immediately eliminated: damien, desmond, dominic, derick, DANTE (ugh)...i've become a little more open-minded as ive gotten older as there are not too many names i actually like. anyone named william (grandpa, dad, brother) or kevin (brother) is still ineligible. non-bf has one of the softest-sounding names to me. i continued to talk to him despite that and his name grew on me. now that he's shifted to ex-non-bf, i've met a new potential boo whose name im never a fan of. AND it starts with a D (not previously listed). hopefully, this will turn out well and i'll learn that ive been putting too much weight on names. it's not their fault they got named that and i can imagine you make it all the way to 18 and just become used to a name (at least the more "normal" ones). im an excellent example of that. i do not enjoy my own name but im used to it.

bitch, you're basic...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
(you know i refer to both males and females as basic)
...if you use the wrong form of words (i.e. its vs. it's)
...if you use words incorrectly on a regular basis
...if you wear glamour lashes during the day/outside of a special occasion
...if your idea of a classy date is applebee's
...if you frequent forman mills and refer to baby phat, rocawear, and south pole as "designer fashions". (i still want to slap that basic bitch for speaking to my niece like that. she is NOT your daughter, you nonentity!!!!!!!!)
...if you think you earned sex or even head because you took me to a movie
...if you dont read anything...ever
...if you wear a lacefront
what might you add to this list? i haven't the energy to devote to the most basic...

good greetings

Monday, March 15, 2010
had a date. it went well. we had fun. that's all you need to know.


National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Facts:

In 2004 (the most recent year for which data are available), HIV infection was

  • the leading cause of death for black women (including African American women) aged 25–34 years.
  • the 3rd leading cause of death for black women aged 35–44 years.
  • the 4th leading cause of death for black women aged 45–54 years.
  • the 4th leading cause of death for Hispanic women aged 35–44 years.
(from CDC)

for more information, visit The Red Pump Project

i need to start thinking about this

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
have you been a bridesmaid? how did you wear your hair?

when i was in my sister's wedding, i was going back to spelman the next day and i wanted to start the year off in braids. i got a size up from micros and made a low bun for the wedding. this time around, i dont wear braids, cant afford (nor am i interest in) a weave, and i dont know what to do with my hair. i dont have a stylist. when i was paying to get my hair done, i was going to Bubbles and Hair Cuttery getting the basic bitch special: relaxer from Bubbles and roller set from Hair Cuttery.

the wedding is June 12 so i have some time but i need to start thinking about what im going to have some random do. any suggestions?

decisions, decisions

Monday, March 8, 2010
im about 10 weeks post-relaxer. i can 1) relax at 12 weeks as usual or 2) dye my hair and hold off on the relaxer. what should i do?

so, about that...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
i really haven't met a dude who does not have children. that's good that you can procreate and all that but, um, i don't wanna be stepmom. im 75% sure i don't want my own kids so i just can't see myself dealing with someone else's child. i believe in accepting all parts of a person and i also believe that their kid is a part of them. that's something i can't accept but i'm willing to admit. that realization just shrunk my option pool significantly. my pool is one in which you will NOT need orange floaties. it's the kind you dont need a pump to blow up. it doesn't really matter if you dont have a front/back yard...ok you get it.

yea, but what if i can't?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
i kinda dont like when people say "you can do better". they mean it as a compliment but is it really. teachers used to pull that shit with me in high school. during parent-teacher conferences, they'd justify giving me something less than an A by saying "oh she does her work and she does very well, but i know she can do better". no, bitch give me the A that i earned. in most cases, i could have put forth more effort, but why the fuck for if im doing better than 98-100% of the class? plus there were one or two times where i know for a fact i could not have done any better.

what if my mom is overestimating me when she talks about the dudes i date? what if i cant do better? what if im not good enough for the guy who my parents feel i deserve? obviously, i dont deserve to be mistreated (at least not as much as i am) but does everyone deserve the dudes you read about in magazines, see in movies/tv, or assume your friends have based on facebook/being on the outside looking in? maybe it's my low self-esteem talking and i need to work on liking me more before it's possible for anyone to like me. i feel like im either about to cry or throw up or both so...til next time.

let this be a lesson to ya

Monday, March 1, 2010
i did a bad thing. i'd been washing my make up brushes and not properly storing them to dry. i was storing them flat as instructed in a youtube video but what i needed to be doing was storing them vertically, pointed down so the excess moisture could get out. so instead of collecting in a glass jar, the water stayed up in my brushes and loosened the glue. my mac brushes (all TWO of them) are fine. one, ive had for like 5 years inappropriately washing it. but my sonia kashuk brushes all pretty much all broken. oh well, i was looking to buy new brushes anyway. maybe i'll get sonia kashuk and maybe not. it will be a while before im financially able to make such a purchase so i have plenty of time to decide.