why would you even say that?

Thursday, March 25, 2010
today was a day filled with "the fuck made you think that was ok to say to me?" moments. im not going to get into the narrowly avoided altercation i ALMOST had today at my internship but i will get into what was said to me by my friend. we are having a yahoo chat conversation (b/c yes, i still use that shit) about HER having a kid and naming it something. she tells me a new name for her daughter all the time. i'm just waiting for her to actually be pregnant or to at least have a potential acceptable sperm donor for him to have his say in this decision. and then i made the comment that im not gonna have a baby friend or get married and you know what this heifer said? "yeah ur totally getting married".

why would you wish that on someone? rude! i think the fact that i insist on not being a nuptual person convinces people that i'll be the very one to walk down the aisle. they are sooooo mistaken. how foolhardy of them. ha! "foolhardy". funny word. ok. im done. (can you tell i've had alcohol?)

2 thought(s):

T said...

I said "tizzy" the other day and @thummyb said she was lol-ing at me for using Steve Harvey words. Foolhardy is a Steve Harvey word. LOL!

antithesis said...

did not know foolhardy was a steve harvey word b/c i typically put that man on ignore but good to know.