is this real life?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
for those confused by my tweets to/about @booskee9, idk if i ever clarified this.

as far as i know, the spring 2014 wedding with the colors coral and cream is just a running joke we have. that's as far as I know. for some other people, there is the feeling that this should be a real thing.

it cannot be a real thing because Tre' lives in NC. i find that undesireable. and no, it isnt that far (like 4 hr drive) but i dont see you out there walking children in nature so #dontjudgeme. translation: it's not that far to someone who doesnt actually have to do it. so i feel like i dont know him well enough for that to be a real thing. based on meeting on twitter, chattin it up on BBM, meeting in person once, and the vday package he sent me, it could be a real thing. however, i'll reserve the final decision for when im convinced this dude is serious and he calls me on a regular basis and takes some action regarding the vast amount of road between us.

so for the time being, just be mildly entertained by my ability to even speak of the possibility of marriage even if it is in jest.

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