i need to start thinking about this

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
have you been a bridesmaid? how did you wear your hair?

when i was in my sister's wedding, i was going back to spelman the next day and i wanted to start the year off in braids. i got a size up from micros and made a low bun for the wedding. this time around, i dont wear braids, cant afford (nor am i interest in) a weave, and i dont know what to do with my hair. i dont have a stylist. when i was paying to get my hair done, i was going to Bubbles and Hair Cuttery getting the basic bitch special: relaxer from Bubbles and roller set from Hair Cuttery.

the wedding is June 12 so i have some time but i need to start thinking about what im going to have some random do. any suggestions?

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T said...

I've been in three weddings. I've done a roller set up-do for two of them and for the last one I just did a wash and go, but the front was braided (it was an island wedding, so I was trying to spice it up).

I saw curls, curls, curls for a wedding. They look so elegant and different from your everyday look (if you wear a wrap most days).