yea, but what if i can't?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
i kinda dont like when people say "you can do better". they mean it as a compliment but is it really. teachers used to pull that shit with me in high school. during parent-teacher conferences, they'd justify giving me something less than an A by saying "oh she does her work and she does very well, but i know she can do better". no, bitch give me the A that i earned. in most cases, i could have put forth more effort, but why the fuck for if im doing better than 98-100% of the class? plus there were one or two times where i know for a fact i could not have done any better.

what if my mom is overestimating me when she talks about the dudes i date? what if i cant do better? what if im not good enough for the guy who my parents feel i deserve? obviously, i dont deserve to be mistreated (at least not as much as i am) but does everyone deserve the dudes you read about in magazines, see in movies/tv, or assume your friends have based on facebook/being on the outside looking in? maybe it's my low self-esteem talking and i need to work on liking me more before it's possible for anyone to like me. i feel like im either about to cry or throw up or both so...til next time.

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T said...

I don't know that we all deserve Will Smith (or *insert fantasy dream dude here*), but we all do deserve to be treated well... no matter what.

Your parents are right on that. There's no penis in the world worth being treated poorly.