Sunday, March 28, 2010
my sister and i took a handgun class at the gun range this weekend- Ladies Handgun 101. it was taught by this petite, solid but slender framed woman who said she was a bodyguard! that was so cool to hear her say that plus she was SUPER nice.

im firearm-challenged. i was scared as CRAP (the reason i wanted to take the class). i wanted to learn how to safely and responsibly handle a gun b/c the idea of going and doing some target shooting sounds fun. i struggled with loading the magazine on the gun i chose but the instructor said she sometimes carries that when working and admitted that it was especially tough. i even struggled with a particular step in loading. im not going to get started on my aim...

i learned that it's an expensive habit: the 4-hour class was $150 plus the cost of gun rental and ammo. i'd like to thank my big sis for treating me :). ammo is expensive because of the economy and people feeling like they need to protect themselves and their homes, plus our country is in two wars. guns themselves were never cheap. i dont have to worry about that last part because DC residents are both denied a vote in congress AND the right to a weapon.

my sister really liked it and got the hang of it but i never did. my brother enjoys that stuff so maybe thats something they can bond over. her husband had like NO interest and i think she really wants to go back and was hoping i'd be more into it. i guess im willing to try again but i told her i wasnt going back right away. i do want to try a different gun and learn to relax more. being nervous is never helpful when using a gun. now i know how bitches feel in movies when they get a gun for the very first time and MUST use it in self-defense. i used to be like "hoe, shoot him! the fuck you shakin for?" now i get it!!!!

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T said...

Guns scare me. The end.