bitch, you're basic...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
(you know i refer to both males and females as basic)
...if you use the wrong form of words (i.e. its vs. it's)
...if you use words incorrectly on a regular basis
...if you wear glamour lashes during the day/outside of a special occasion
...if your idea of a classy date is applebee's
...if you frequent forman mills and refer to baby phat, rocawear, and south pole as "designer fashions". (i still want to slap that basic bitch for speaking to my niece like that. she is NOT your daughter, you nonentity!!!!!!!!)
...if you think you earned sex or even head because you took me to a movie
...if you dont read anything...ever
...if you wear a lacefront
what might you add to this list? i haven't the energy to devote to the most basic...

1 thought(s):

T said...

- If you start and or enter into arguments, but don't know basic logic. Oooh, faulty logic cooks my grits.
- If you have on heels with a jogging suit.
- If your idea of breakfast is cut up hotdogs in eggs. EW! #WTDTA
- If you can't find anything nice to say about members of the same sex. #HatingIsSoUnhealthy