try not to lie

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
remember i said briefly i had a date and shit went well?'s the thing i hate for you to lie. i ESPECIALLY hate for you to lie about dumb shit (shit i can easily figure out by blinking). mid-convo at 10:30pm you're on some "hold that thought, i'll call you right back". ok. you dont call back. #kanyeshrug, maybe a nigga got caught up. next day i call, no answer. you text me talmbout you working on something and you'll get back. ok...days later, you hit me on yahoo on some youve been trying to get in touch with me b/c u left your phone at the dmv. ok. sure. here's the problem. you made your lie way too elaborate. you live in VA, what the fuck were you doing at the DC DMV???? maybe im jumping to conclusions but the day you were supposedly working on your bike you then go to the DMV where you lose your phone? further you have ANOTHER phone with text messages from me so you weren't completely without my number. even if any of that was true and on the up and up, i aint seen you in a week so im over you. my attention span is never that long. plus this week, you've only called me from your work phone. and you on some power differential where i try to get off the phone and you're not into it and then two minutes later you ended the conversation. got the nerve to say you'll call me later. still waiting on that call.

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