honey, i dont care

Thursday, April 1, 2010
when i have issues going on and im stressed, i really dont want to be bothered with the mundane. i never care that you're frustrated with your job when i dont have one and wont have one for quite some time due to grad school scheduling. i also never care what you got on-sale or just happened to pick up when i accidentally just overdrafted my account by $10. no, i dont want to go to happy hour with you. and NO, i cannot "go grab lunch". i dont have a husband to live off of while im doing a minimum 20 hr/week UNPAID internship plus coursework so no, im not going to the school-sponsored events that have any cost associated with them.

what's really grinding my gears is when people ask me stuff like "where should i take my globe-trotting ass next?" it's fine when you do a twitter poll but when you directly ask me, im just like "bitch, i dont care". or what you should buy next or where you can get xyz. i dont know and i dont fucking care. to me, those are not real problems and knowing that im 100% broke, i just find it inconsiderate to approach me w/ that shit.

i know it's selfish of me or whatever but that shit gets on my nerves. if i know, i'll tell you. if i dont know and i tell you so, drop it. dont keep talking about that shit because i really dont want to hear it. if i want to go, i'll say so. if i think my dad will give me the money, i'll tell you. if i know it's not a good look and i say no, dont tell me "it's only $50". im ONLY $40k+ in debt for grad school with an unpaid CC bill and an empty gas tank worried about how i will get lunch everyday so shut the fuck up! (and that's just the tip of my stress iceburg).

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T said...

aw! Money problems are sad. But I'ma need your angry ass to take a woosah. If I ask you where I should go never, you better tell me!!!