how many parents do u have?

Sunday, April 4, 2010
i have four. my mom. my dad. my big sister. my big brother. my mom and dad kept telling my brother and sister shit about non-bf and they bother had talks with me. last night, my brother said some things and he seemed pretty upset about what he had heard. he basically does not like the dude and how he acts and doesn't want me messing with him. my sister feels the same way. my brother can only go by what my mom has told him but my sister knows a bit more b/c whenever im at her house, im arguing with him on the phone.

one thing that bothered me more than my siblings being concerned was that my bff called. when i called him back he was like "well, one of the reasons i called was because the last time we talked, the two of yall were beefin'". bff wants to have sexy times with me so i usually take what he has to say less seriously but today seemed different. it didn't seem as much like hating as it was more like "you need to know this because i dont want you getting hurt". plus, before i spoke to him, i had already had the idea in my head that this isnt what i want and he was moreso being supportive of this sentiment.

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Phyllis Bourne said...

You are gorgeous. Don't waste the youth and pretty on a loser.

antithesis said...

i love my blog family

thanks, phyllis!!

T said...

Did you just say my bff wants to have sexy times with me? I quit you.