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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
subtitle: the name game

haven't done one of these in a while. i give alot of thought to how i would raise my kids but little to no thought to what their names will be. well, actually i've given it thought. everytime someone has a kid i think about the name they gave them. i couldnt decide on a name because it's so permanent. that is that kids name for life. some names are cute when the person is a little boy or little girl but can you image calling some 30 year old woman Kayla? or what about a baby named Opal? a name that's perfectly fine for a 60-year-old woman. but maybe i dont need to think about a name just yet. i suppose i would let my husband have some input unless he was talking crazy tryna name my sons Walker and Texas Ranger. 

what are some of your favorite names?

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PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

opal? LOL!!! i like oldish sounding names like ava & sophia, or general sounding names like avery & kennedy. for boys, i like classics like matthew & jonathan, or newish like aidan & liam.

p.s. i just want to thank you for the post on the clinique deodorant. it is heavenly! LOVES IT!!

karrie b. said...

i dont wanna tell cuz i dont want y'all stealing my baby names lol


T said...

True, I'm not giving up my baby names, but it won't be anything stupid like Trig.

P.S. Congrats on the 2lb loss, keep up the good work girlie!

Product Junkie Diva said...

See I didn't think Kayla was bad at
Yes, names are very important and for life as you menioned. LIke that actress who named her kid Apple...I mean really was she serious? I can just hear all of the apple head jokes as school now.
Anyway I watched a Tyra show over the summer and it was all about names and how people can look at a name on lets say a resume and make assumptions before even meeting the person. So names are a bid deal...I had names back in the day but I have since forgotten them which is an indication that I was not too attached to the

Don said...

Ashley, Kiara, Jameelah, Kiana, Imani, Kayla, Dionne, ....and many more.

Are you pregnant? lol.

antithesis said...

@PCD- i love your name picks! and you are welcome

@karrie b.- i feel u

@t- come on somebody! trig though? and im not to happy about any of the other names that woman picked either.

@ PJD- names from back in the day i had picked out were an absolute mess...and yes, that resume is a factor to consider, unfortunately. i know people think im white with my name because people actually are surprised when my black ass shows up (i be lookin fly though so they cant hate).

@don- um, i am at work and you almost had me hollerin'! anyway, im flattered you like the name Ashley but please dont curse our child with the least imaginative, most common name ever. i like your other names but kiara is taken by both your baby and my niece.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Ooh, I love this post!! I'm always thinking about baby names even though it irritates my husband.

I'm with PJD, I thought Kayla was fine for an adult, it's so close to my name! LOL I have a little cousin who's name is Kayla too.

Anyway, I love unisex names, although my husband thinks that they're terrible and will confuse the kid about his sexuality! LOL (i.e Ryan, Taylor, etc.)

antithesis said...

@ BGG- i like unisex names, too. one of my nieces is named taylor. i knew a girl named ryan in elementary school. since meeting her, ive liked the idea.