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Sunday, September 7, 2008
for some FOOTBALL!!!???? football season is officially underway. i don't count thursday's match up of giants v. redskins. i think it's obvious why i don't. in addition to the obvious reason, i just dont find it fair to bring together the national champions and...them. anyway, my 'boys play today at 4:15. i'm ready for my football fix. im not a fan of pre-season so i didn't watch any of those games. i dont find them to be all that good of a predictor because teams are reluctant to use their starters and star players. i'm most interested in when it COUNTS. 

are you a football fan? who's your team? did you watch any preseason games?

don, where you at, my only male reader (the only one who comments anyway)? get your sports writing on. hey, idea: wanna be a guess blogger and have weekly football posts on my blog? or you can just steal my idea and do it on your own blog. 

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T said...

I'm so in love with football. YAY! AND the bears upset the Colts tonight 29-13. I can't wait to see those headlines tomorrow. GO BEARS!!!

Don said...

I'd love to write a weekly NFL post. I am a die-hard Saints fan. You are a Cowboys fan. T is a Bears fan, and what are the others?

Get a list of the favorite teams of each reader and email me and let me know. I will post a couple reminders of each readers' team.

Cool? And thanks for thinking about me. *mwah*

Therapeutic Musings said...

I love football....now! I used to hate it but one year as I slept through every game my fiance watched I got fascinated with hearing "Ben Roethlisberger" and actually tuned in. Now I'm a Steelers fan and I actually watch football with my fiance.