Singles Awareness Day

Thursday, February 14, 2008

take a bow- madonna
wake up call- maroon 5
show me the meaning of being lonely- backstreet boys
the one i gave my heart to- aaliyah
you outta know- alanis morissette
lesson learned- alicia keys
all cried out- allure & 112
kitty kat- beyonce
doin just fine-boyz II men
like a boy- ciara
if- destiny's child
x-factor- lauryn hill
there it is- ginuwine
behind these hazel eyes- kelly clarkson
i just want it to be over, i changed my mind, love, gotta get my heart back, fallin' out, i remember didnt i tell you, shoulda let you go- keyshia cole
mad- vivian green
foolish games- jewel
before he cheats-carrie underwood

+ eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

would you erase me?

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