it's a leap year, yall!

Friday, February 1, 2008
so black history month is one day longer this year. yea, still there's no month shorter on the calendar. im just sayin... (also a friend from elementary gets to celebrate on her bday this year. i have a great memory. i know her name, changa, she had an older brother and she lived not too far from me. like around the corner. but i digress.)

are those mcdonalds commercials gonna come on? the ones where its like "365 black" but they only show it for a few weeks in february? that was mcdonalds right? corporate might not do anything too "pro-black" this year. wouldnt wanna be mistaken for endorsing obama... naw, im just serious. 

i think, in honor of it being black history month, BET should go off the air. maybe just for february as a trial and then permanently if, you know, "we" start doin' a little better. just a thought. 

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