Highlights: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011
  • lost 6 lbs!!!- success due to Lent and #10lbchallenge
  • tax refund- paid off my CC bill and paid my sister for my part of the cruise this Sept.
  • won a couple of giveaways- I won a statement necklace and MAC candy yum yum lipstick (which i couldn't find ANYWHERE)
  • went to the melting pot for the first time- dessert was yummy but only worth it in the group we were in
How was your April? Worried that you missed something going on with me? Don't fret; there is nothing more than this highlights post to report. I'm on super chill mode as far as talking to dudes. I've cut everyone fully off and NO BACKTRACKING. I'm actually completely single and I don't much mind it. Weird.

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T said...

My April was great. Bday month and a trip to Jamaica and I'm sure I did something big at work, but I can't remember what.

Did you cut your hair again or are you letting it grow out?

YAY for 6lb weight loss! I'm super proud of you!!!