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Thursday, August 21, 2008

so some well-known college and university presidents are advocating for a lower drinking age. shout out to Morehouse being considered a big name school by CNN. so what if it's probably due to the fact that the last graduating class at this historically black institution had a white valedictorian. 

these people think it will be better if 18-year-olds were allowed to legally purchase libations. MADD accuses them of shirking their responsibilities and looking for an easy way out (i agree). it's just a big ass coincidence that 18 is also the age of most traditional freshman college students. MADD and I feel like it's a poor solution to a continuing violation of a rule that apparently administrators are tired of failing to enforce. the presidents argue that if the students were legally able to drink, they would not binge and get themselves into other trouble because of the "excitement"... or some crap. i'm trying to paraphrase their lame justification but i guess it has to first make sense to me for me to do that. 

obviously, many people drink before they are of legal age of consumption. i will admit to being one of those people. but imagine if the stuff was just readily available? no getting older friends to make purchases. no going through the process of getting an authentic-looking fake ID. just completely hassel-free? that's unacceptable. i can recall my maturity level at 18, and while i'm more mature than most, i was certainly not all there. and yes, i know that there was a time when 18 was the legal drinking age. that changed for a reason. let's not repeat history. plus, that was a bit of a different time. not nearly as many cars are on the road and so many other factors were probably not present. 

would it be better or worse if 18-year-olds were legally able to purchase alcoholic beverages?

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T said...

I think the age should be lowered to 19. Not because 19 years old are so much smarter or mature than 18 years old, just because a lot of 18-years olds are still in high school. I'm not ready for those prom headlines.

The professors are right though. When you go to other countries where the drinking age is lower, they have fewer problems with alcoholism and under age drinking because no one is dying to drink.

Imagine if the police had to do real work on college campuses like prevent rapes and murders instead of casing the bars for 20-year olds (who IMO earned a drink with all those finals and hard classes)

Product Junkie Diva said...

HUmmm I guess 21 has been the legal age for so long that I couldn't imagine it being anything else. Beyond that as T mentioned 18 is way too young because many re still in HS so that is unacceptable. If cracking down on underage drinking is what they have to do then do that but don't lower the age, I know some kids would go WILD.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I agree with T, I think 18 is too young to drink. Although it's weird that you can vote at 18 and go to war at 18.

Don said...

I read about this and saw the report on CNN. Well, I saw 'a' report on CNN, and I think it's sad that they are even considering this. What would someone whose only 18 look like drinking. Well, legally drinking. LOL.

Don said...

Have a good weekend, A.

PBW said...
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PBW said...

I did college in the early 80s when the legal drinking age WAS 18. Didn't drink then, don't now.

I think legal drinking age should remain 21, and the age you're eligible to see military combat raised to 21