the eyes have it

Friday, August 15, 2008

i recently ordered new contacts and im so excited. i like variety in my look. i have a lot of i dont care days but on days i attempt to be presentable, i like versatility. i love my glasses but sometimes i want a different look. there are some people who actually like the way i look better without them. then there are those who like me better with them (i agree most with these people). do you wear corrective lenswear? what are your thoughts on colored contacts? tacky? i think so...

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Therapeutic Musings said...

I just got the Night and Day contacts. If you haven't tried them I definately say going to bed and waking up and being able to see is amazing! Yeah color contacts are a no go for me too.

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

I think only when you can tell they're fake they look tacky. And you can usually tell with every one except green, I think those are the most natural colors for brown eyes to try. I currently wear brown contacts, and have for a while, but a few years ago I tried the blue ones, they were cute, but I missed my brown eyes lol. I hope you like your new contacts.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I dont wear glasses or contacts but if i had to ever get glasses I would probably quickly transition to contacts. Since I am not used to wearing things on my face that's why i would try contacts instead, sometimes even my sun shades annoy
Personally I would not wear colored contacts because i am pretty natural and like what I have without the desire to try new things on my face. However I have seen colored contacts on some people and it looks BEAUTIFUL, really gives them a new look and the fact that you can pop them out when you want...divine.
Hope you love your new contacts.
have a great weekend

T said...

I CANNOT STAND colored contacts. It always looks like you're staring into the eyes of a vampire. I do wear clear contacts every single day. I don't own glasses. I look extra wack in them.

If I could do Lasik surgery, I would, but I guess my eye problems are severe enough, so the doctor won't let me. BOO!