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Thursday, February 17, 2011
today marks day 45 in my bible-in-a-year journey. im thinking ahead because Ash Wednesday and Lent will be here before i know it. wondering what i should give up for those 40 days. i think a real toughy would be bread but giving that up would be a significant change in my eating. significant so much that an easy 80% of what i eat would be off limits. no cereal, danishes, sandwiches, crackers...i survive on bread/starches. i also know it's possible for me to give it up b/c i did the south beach diet in undergrad phase 1 for longer than the recommended duration.

i know i want to cut back on eating so much bread anyway and i want to make better food choices so this will be a good start. im also open to other ideas of something to sacrifice. i'm not sure why i do this since i dont even really go to church but i pretty much give up something every year. what are you thinking of doing? do you give up anything for Lent?

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T said...

Last year I did bread and baked goods. I know sacrific is open to interpretation, but cereal, danishes and crackers are not bread.

This year I think I'm doing added sugar.