oh, shamrock shakes, my favorite season approaches!

Monday, February 28, 2011
i LOVE Spring. i cannot stand being cold. i like wearing dresses and bright, fun makeup. i welcome flowers blooming and bees buzzing with open arms. ok, ya'll can keep the bees but it just flowed with the sentence, i thought.

sure signs of Spring:

- shamrock shakes return to McDonald's
- the sun seems to shine i little bit brighter in the morning
- 50 degrees or better becomes less few and far between
- white people wear shorts/short-sleeves (w/ their anxious asses)

what are some more signs of Spring? anyone as excited as i am for warmer (but not too damn warm) weather?

1 thought(s):

T said...

Man, I'm so excited about spring, I cannot even begin to tell you. In the Chi when temperatures break 50 we act a plum fool. I cannot wait for days I can wait until days I can wear a light trench to church and do Sunday brunch with the boos. Ah spring!