"i dont get it"

Thursday, February 17, 2011
well that's the damn point. my best friend, my brother, my sister, and im sure some others have voiced that they dont get my facebook statuses. uh...so? sometimes i want to get some stuff out and i might not wanna dedicated a blog to it. my statuses could be the equivalent of a subtweet in some instances but mostly i like to think of them as akin to horoscopes. they are generic enough to fit a variety of situations/contexts. i find it amusing when people "like" my random statuses. it's even more hilarious when the status is about them (very rare but it does not lose it's comedy). the real reason my statuses are so cryptic (but not really even) is because i have family and such as friends on facebook. i have people im not close to but would be uncomfortable unfriending. most people can relate to just not wanting certain people to know certain things about you. plus, while i get more "likes", i get fewer obnoxious comments from people who never know what their talking about but always have something to add to the "discussion". finally, my moods waver so much that if i posted a status saying i'm pissed at someone, within 20 minutes i'd be loving them again and wishing i hadnt posted such a hateful status.

but im saying, how many statuses have you seen that you wish you DIDNT get? TMfuckingI. people should thank me instead of complaining. get all the ratchet overshares from here and my twitter account. facebook is a safe haven for people in my life under 18 and over 45.

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T said...

I find comments on people's statuses hilarious. Someone will say "I can't stand him" and then their friend will respond "who". I'm pretty sure if she wanted you to know who she would have said "I can't stand Bob". People are SO irritatign with that. Like, next-level obnoxious.