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Saturday, January 5, 2008
the randomness

i am even more disenchanted and apathetic post last night's republican and democratic debates. i need to know what an "illegal" looks like. what can you get from the doctor that only costs $1000? huckabee may be right when he jokingly said he could barely get a kleenex for that price. hillary tried to get her balls back by attacking barack. why was the question posed "what makes you different from senator obama?" no other democratic candidate was cited. interesting. repubs

so who looked most un-presidential?

sorry, hillary, but you stuck out like a sore thumb. maybe it was the blue suit with the green...i dont kno...t-shirt?


if the election were this tuesday

not on the basis of the nonsense presented but i guess my vote would go for Obama. not because we are both black but because i agree most with his platform and positions.

ISSUES and my thoughts

Abortion-- is not a method birth control. allowed in curtain circumstances.

Same Sex Marriage- religiously speaking, there is no such thing as marriage between parties of the same sex but i have nothing against civil unions and the recieving of the same rights as man and wife.

Universal Health Care- government should provide SOMETHING for all americans. options to subscribe on own or through employers.

The War- get out of iraq. you can not repair what you have messed up. leave immediately and APOLOGIZE.

Slavery- speaking of apologies. not wanted or needed. your apology will not recover any records of my family history nor country of origin. information taken for granted by so many people of other ethnicities can not be brought back through reparations or an empty "im sorry". what price can you put on that anyway? i will not speak to the heinous acts because i was not there and it didnt happen to me. we all know it was wrong but i would prefer racism be dead and gone rather than to get money in my pocket.

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