i HATE humans

Saturday, December 5, 2009
granted, i was doing inappropriate activities. and yes, i should have flipped my side mirror in since that's what that feature is for and i have known this for the x amount of years since my stupid ass neighbor knocked my brother's side mirror off his car during a parking fail. but does that really make it ok for me to walk out to my car (endearingly named "stewie") to find my driver side mirror dangling and cracked?

when i saw it, i first did a double take b/c i thought i was somehow high even though my companion was not smoking during our time together (he's just that much of a weedhead; i take that back. it was mean and untrue. he doesnt smoke THAT much). soon after i just felt as if i was some pregnant 14 year old girl. the lecture played in my head like "were those few seconds of pleasure worth all this pain?" i'm such a drama queen, i know. but i started hyperventilating and crying and my companion (im going to keep calling him that b/c i like that word right now) was like "calm down". at first, he was not at all soothing or comforting and so i started crying more then i guess he used the daddy skills i didnt know he had despite having a kid. for a little bit i felt safe and secure and then i looked at it again and wanted to kill myself.

im just angry right now. im supposed to be on a break but here i am on my blog. i hope their car gets totalled. that is much more rational than my first statement, "i hope they get in a car accident and die". nope, since i was in no way physically hurt, it's only reasonable for me to wish bad things on their vehicle but not in equal proportion. i hope their car DIES. i hope they dont have the money to get a new one. honestly, as wide as that street was, there was no reason for them ever to be that close to my car unless another car was coming and based on the location and time of night, that was highly unlikely. they fail and they dont deserve the same rights as functional human beings.

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Don said...

Well, at least you were able to get that out of your system. I'd really hate for you to walk around holding that in. And, relax, no one believes you'd wish harm on another human being. You're too cute and lovable for that.

*pinches antithesis cheeks*


Too funny @ . i hope their car DIES. Everybody wants to take things out on the car. The car didn't drive itself. LOL.

T said...

Sad. People are inconsiderate assholes sometimes. I hope you got over it though. You seem to be doing fine on Twitter.

Woo Sah!!!