I Got In!

Thursday, January 24, 2008
i am officially accepted to George Washington University's Master of Arts in Community Counseling Program!

yay me! now I can quit stressin' and finish out this wretched existance @ Spelman College with one less worry. 


Friday, January 18, 2008
is that realsss

i hope not. stop playin, YBF!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

tells me that ANTM is back. season ten boasts a few more faces of color, which makes me smile. one chick is instantly recognized as a reject from a previous season:

doesn't necessarily make me smile, but whatev'. 

the rest of the line up:

if nothing else is on, i'll be watching. 

that's not why i'm mad

while i may be the only one, i dont thinkg hillary really meant anything racial by her comments. i'm more upset with her for this: art.clinton.johnson.ap.jpg
just chattin' it up w/ bob johnson, huh? NO! i do not appreciate it, regardless of the fact that he may have attempted to come to her rescue. 

in case you missed it: 

As an African-American, I'm frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood that -- and I won't say what he was doing, but he said it in his book -- when they have been involved.- Robert Johnson, founder of BET

honestly, i'm more upset at the fact that she claims to be in support of african-americans and sits up and acts like this man was not responsible for one of the worst things to ever happen in african-american history. furthermore, his statement was...for lack of a better term, lame. of course, he later recants his statements. But we all know what he meant and what he was referring to. however, foot-in-mouth syndrome is common among Z-list figures.  people say whatever the hell they want and later just "take it back". 

instead of focusing on what obama did, let's focus on the excriment that spews from the broadcast station that you created! how about that? would that be a good start for rectifying "black issues"?

as far as barack obama and illicit drugs, the hypocricy is rampant. let's state some facts. alcohol is a drug. it is illegal for someone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. let's not pretend that all these politicians, without exception of hillary, waited until the legal drinking age (may have been 18 during her time) to drink. therefore, most of those folks did illegal drugs too. just a thought. "pot, is that you? you're calling me black?"


Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Today would have been Aaliyah Dana Haughton's 29th birthday. RIP, baby girl.
beautiful, classy, talented. what young girls could aspire to be....

it's easy out here for a pimp?

teen-aged gang members force run-aways into prostitution ring. 

i wonder what the punishment will be. i mean black teen-aged boys serve prison time for what seemed to be consentual sex or sex acts all the time. bond was set high for these "pimps" so we shall see. 


you know i LOVE that 'white girl'

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!! yes, it is snowing in GA!!!! the first my eyes have seen since around this time 2005. my freshman year at spelman, the city saw a "storm" that DCPS would not have even released an announcement for. DC Public Schools would without a doubt be OPEN. maryland and va would be closed with no before or aftercare.

from my apartment window, it does not appear to be sticking in the streets but it is accumulating on cars and the grass.


now, it's just a "wintery mix", boo! that's not pretty....

when i grow up...

i wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, a computer engineer, a lawyer... now that im older and wiser i want to be all of those things b/c thats where the money is. however, the major that i chose has prepared me to do any job a 16 year old can do. so what the heck can i do with a psychology degree?

well i dont know because im going to grad school so i can do what i really WANT to do. that is, what i can deal with having to do. meanwhile, i need a job. here are my favorite job search sites, most of which you may already know:

monster.com- i like the beta search application. it's a quicker way to search and narrow or widen options. 

careerbuilder.com- i dont particularly like this site but it was the first site i used for job hunting. very easy to use. the company profiles are usually helpful. 

opportunityknocks.org- this is a good site for those interested in working in the non-profit sector. 

idealist.org- another non-profit opportunity listing. this site also allows you to search for volunteer and internship opportunities. you can list your own non-profit for free as well. 

experience.com- not very great as far as the job search if you are a social science major. really good for business, marketing, sales, engineering interests. however, there is excellent career advice and other resources. 


you shrunk my honda, you BITCH!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

courtesy of: funnyordie.com

organized confusion

Saturday, January 5, 2008
the randomness

i am even more disenchanted and apathetic post last night's republican and democratic debates. i need to know what an "illegal" looks like. what can you get from the doctor that only costs $1000? huckabee may be right when he jokingly said he could barely get a kleenex for that price. hillary tried to get her balls back by attacking barack. why was the question posed "what makes you different from senator obama?" no other democratic candidate was cited. interesting. repubs

so who looked most un-presidential?

sorry, hillary, but you stuck out like a sore thumb. maybe it was the blue suit with the green...i dont kno...t-shirt?


if the election were this tuesday

not on the basis of the nonsense presented but i guess my vote would go for Obama. not because we are both black but because i agree most with his platform and positions.

ISSUES and my thoughts

Abortion-- is not a method birth control. allowed in curtain circumstances.

Same Sex Marriage- religiously speaking, there is no such thing as marriage between parties of the same sex but i have nothing against civil unions and the recieving of the same rights as man and wife.

Universal Health Care- government should provide SOMETHING for all americans. options to subscribe on own or through employers.

The War- get out of iraq. you can not repair what you have messed up. leave immediately and APOLOGIZE.

Slavery- speaking of apologies. not wanted or needed. your apology will not recover any records of my family history nor country of origin. information taken for granted by so many people of other ethnicities can not be brought back through reparations or an empty "im sorry". what price can you put on that anyway? i will not speak to the heinous acts because i was not there and it didnt happen to me. we all know it was wrong but i would prefer racism be dead and gone rather than to get money in my pocket.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains- Mary J. Blige

this cd is an "excuse for dying and a reason to live" 'cause it is what love is! Work That is a great workout track as is Just Fine. im definately feelin' it like i felt MARY. M J B was not done talkin' to people with We Ride and i'm behind her all the way. yea yea yea yea.

Other ENTIRE cds i'm loving:
  • Alicia Keys- As I am
  • Keyshia Cole- Just Like You (who woulda thunk it?)

well, i guess that's it. everyone is on this lupe character. imma have to give him a chance. and all dc folk is hypin' wale. didnt like welcome to dc, but we'll see.


it's simply not fair. as a cowboys fan i am disappointed by the redskins loss today. you might say "what kind of sense does that make?". well, after all that noise i heard about redskins whoopin' our butt, i wanted cowboys to get in the playoffs and shut deadskins fans up! now we wont see those lames again until next season. oh well. thanks seahawks for gettin 'em out early.


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