Growing Pains

Saturday, January 5, 2008
Growing Pains- Mary J. Blige

this cd is an "excuse for dying and a reason to live" 'cause it is what love is! Work That is a great workout track as is Just Fine. im definately feelin' it like i felt MARY. M J B was not done talkin' to people with We Ride and i'm behind her all the way. yea yea yea yea.

Other ENTIRE cds i'm loving:
  • Alicia Keys- As I am
  • Keyshia Cole- Just Like You (who woulda thunk it?)

well, i guess that's it. everyone is on this lupe character. imma have to give him a chance. and all dc folk is hypin' wale. didnt like welcome to dc, but we'll see.

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