when i grow up...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
i wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, a computer engineer, a lawyer... now that im older and wiser i want to be all of those things b/c thats where the money is. however, the major that i chose has prepared me to do any job a 16 year old can do. so what the heck can i do with a psychology degree?

well i dont know because im going to grad school so i can do what i really WANT to do. that is, what i can deal with having to do. meanwhile, i need a job. here are my favorite job search sites, most of which you may already know:

monster.com- i like the beta search application. it's a quicker way to search and narrow or widen options. 

careerbuilder.com- i dont particularly like this site but it was the first site i used for job hunting. very easy to use. the company profiles are usually helpful. 

opportunityknocks.org- this is a good site for those interested in working in the non-profit sector. 

idealist.org- another non-profit opportunity listing. this site also allows you to search for volunteer and internship opportunities. you can list your own non-profit for free as well. 

experience.com- not very great as far as the job search if you are a social science major. really good for business, marketing, sales, engineering interests. however, there is excellent career advice and other resources. 


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