Thursday, March 21, 2013
I lost approximately 1.5 lbs of those extra 3 I picked up. I have been keeping a food diary for the last couple of days. This time, it's a handwritten one rather than using My Fitness Planner. Something about the old-fashioned way has me more accountable. Plus, I found a use for that moleskin journal since I haven't been writing poetry much. I struggled through another installment of level 2 of Shred and all I could think about was a green smoothie. Here's what I threw together (no measuring):

nut and honey granola
mixed berry activia yogurt

No bad. Next time, I'll add ice. It's a little warm. Throwing this tasty concoction in the 'fridge while I go shower. Today, I learned to use what you have and try things out. I dont have all the stuff in the recipes I came across online but this tastes something close to the Bolthouse joint I buy sometimes anyhow.

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